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Ben Alexander, QLD Sales Team Leader

Ben Alexander, QLD Sales Team LeaderBen Alexander, QLD Sales Team LeaderBen Alexander, QLD Sales Team Leader

"My first impression of sailing into Antarctica was one of absolute tranquility. The ship was encapsulated in a soft mist, as she plied the first stretches of the Antarctic Peninsula’s coastline. I remember, the surrounding waters were as still as a frozen lake and then, only moments later, we were struck by a force four blizzard.” 

That was the coldest I had ever been in my life, well at least it was until I stood amid a force five blizzard! But don’t worry, this is not the norm aboard an expedition cruise, in fact most who have travelled to Antarctica are always surprised that it in fact it isn’t as cold as they thought it would be, that is until they take the polar plunge, which I highly recommend doing.
My passion for travel stemmed from a young age. My mother always told me travel far, travel safe and so I did. My first journey in Latin America was an overland trip from the Yucatan Peninsula, to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina and then on to the Polish Antarctic Research Station, Arctowski. I certainly took my mother’s advice to heart.
My first true impression of Latin American culture however was when I sailed into the old port city of Cartagena, Columbia. I was struck and in absolute awe of the country’s culture, beauty and vibrant mix of people.
These feelings will stay with me forever and I love that I now get to ensure others can experience the rush of discovering somewhere new and embarking on their own personal adventure of a lifetime.
Are you interested in a voyage where you make a difference just by travelling on it?
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