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A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world. Mostly residing in Brazil, the enormous basin receives a massive amount of water from the highlands during the flood season, which dissipates into a landlocked delta. This lush environment attracts countless species of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.
Due to the delta’s wide open spaces, animal spotting in the Pantanal is a lot easier then in the neighbouring Amazon, offering amazing photographic opportunities. Sunsets in this area in particular are simply spectacular.
The Iberia Wetlands in Argentina are the world’s second largest tropical wetland and like their big brother, the Pantanal, offer sensational wildlife viewing opportunities.
A Pantanal tour or Iberia Wetlands tour offers a chance to spot many eclectic species of wildlife, such as the Marsh Deer, Giant River Otter, Maned Wolf, Capybara (the world’s biggest rodent), Caiman (small crocodiles) and the unique Tapir, to name a few. The Pantanal is also home to one of the largest Jaguar populations on earth.
Getting around these wetlands you could find yourself in canoes, on horseback, mountain bike or foot. It is the perfect place to get up close and personal with nature.
There are also many other smaller wetland areas dotted around Latin America, which attract animal lovers by the droves. So, if animal spotting is your thing, then a Pantanal tour or Iberia tour is for you.

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This 13-day tour offers a taste of Brazilian living - Rio, the car free island of Ilha Grande, Paraty, the wildlife haven of the Pantanal and Iguazu Falls.

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Try to spot a Jaguar in one of the world's best wildlife locations, the Pantanal.

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Our highlights of Brazil tour designed specifically for wildlife lovers. Start in Iguazu Falls then venture into the Amazon Rainforest & Pantanal Wetlands.

Pantanal & Wetlands Tours

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Brazil’s Pantanal region would have to be one of the most underrated destinations on earth. The world’s largest wetlands, home to an intoxicating collection of rare and precious animals, is South America’s premier wildlife spotting destination, thanks to its distinctive lack of thick vegetation, the one primary characteristic of the Amazon rainforest. Out here, animals are not just everywhere but …


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