10 NIGHTS From USD2,835

Marvel at the cascading beauty of Iguazu Falls, the famous sites of Rio de Janeiro and hidden histories of Cusco on this express tour of South America.

19 NIGHTS From USD4,205

This tour is for those on a budget but wanting to fit in as much of South America as possible.

20 NIGHTS From USD5,175

Looking to explore South America? This 21 day loop covers the best of Argentina, Brazil, Peru and a taste of Chile. Highlights include Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon and more.

33 NIGHTS From USD8,070

Want to travel in South America & fit in as much as possible? Take this 34 day journey around the continent, ticking off all the must-sees on the way.

26 NIGHTS From USD9,225

This 27 day journey around South America ticks off the 'Big Five' bucket list items these include: Buenos Aires, Iguazu falls, Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, the Amazon plus the Galapagos Islands.

29 NIGHTS From USD13,500

Explore the wonders of South America and Antarctica on this wonderful 30 day journey. This tour sure packs a punch & will provide a lifetime of memories.

20 NIGHTS From USD5,525

Check off Peru, Argentina and Brazil on this 21 day tour of South America, including stops at Machu Picchu, the Amazon & Iguazu Falls.

19 NIGHTS From USD8,435

Join us on this unique train adventure and experience the majesty of South America from the comfort of your seat. Pass through charming Andean villages, Cloud forest, and witness first hand the marvel of engineering...

22 NIGHTS From USD9,335

This small group tour visits South America's most incredible destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile.Visit Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon and more.

19 NIGHTS From USD9,940

Discover South America's natural wonders & vivid cultures. Visit Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Cusco, Machu Piccu & the Amazon jungle.

3 NIGHTS From USD499

Enjoy this short stopover in Quito, Ecuador's capital. Explore the scenic, colonial and artistic sides of Quito on this 4-day itinerary.

2 NIGHTS From USD560

Our most popular short break tour to Iguacu. Explore the Argentina and Brazilian side of the falls and visit the devil's throat.

5 NIGHTS From USD600

Uruguay's capital Montevideo is a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life, from its industrial port to the exclusive residential suburbs, a relaxed city with 12 miles of white-sand beaches and a Mediterranean climate.

3 NIGHTS From USD800

Brazil's little known island paradise. Book early - numbers limited on this secluded and pristine getaway.

3 NIGHTS From USD900

Explore the island of Chiloé in Chile, famous for myths and legends & its heritage churches. This 4 day tour includes a trip to the Chiloé National Park.

3 NIGHTS From USD930

Explore Manaus, one of the most popular Amazon jungle locations in South America. Spot dolphins and alligators and watch monkeys at play in the jungle.

4 NIGHTS From USD955

Only one hour on a fast ferry from Buenos Aires – Uruguay offers many delights and an alternative to the usual tourist routes in South America.

5 NIGHTS From USD1,060

Trek the same ground as the Incas over the Peruvian Andes, through cloud forest, ending at Machu Picchu on the famous Inca Trail hike.

5 NIGHTS From USD1,340

Explore the winemaking heartland of South America’s best known wine exporters, Chile & Argentina.

7 NIGHTS From USD1,360

A spectacular 8-day tour of South America’s high mountain region, from Bolivia to Peru. See vibrant locals, amazing scenery & remnants of the Inca culture.

4 NIGHTS From USD1,390

Pristine wildlife and comfortable accommodation. 

2 NIGHTS From USD1,430

Driving across the world’s largest salt lake, the Salar de Uyuni, is one of the greatest experiences available to the South American traveller. This short trip is bursting with natural wonders from coral islands at over 4,000m (13,000ft) to multi-coloured lakes, rocks sculpted by the wind, craters bubbling with lava and volcanic landscapes giving way to the eerie stillness of the desert. 

6 NIGHTS From USD1,430

Discover the most scenic landscapes in Argentina, from Argentina's passionate tango in Buenos Aires and the magnificent Iguazu Waterfalls to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia.

8 NIGHTS From USD1,520

Discover the highlights of two of South America's most amazing cities, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, including a trip to Iguazu Falls.

7 NIGHTS From USD1,670

This trip delivers adventure, relaxation and culture in true South American style. Discover Chile and Argentina's spectacular lakes and tantalising wines.

3 NIGHTS From USD1,715

This short trip is bursting with natural wonders - coral islands, multi-coloured lakes and the world's largest salt lake, Salar de Uyuni.

2 NIGHTS From USD1,850

Iguacu, Iguazu or Iguasu? Call it what you want but do in luxury by staying at these premium hotels.

8 NIGHTS From USD1,905

Take and in depth tour of the Salta region. Visit the salt flats and coloured sands and canyons. Sample the wines of Cafayate.

6 NIGHTS From USD2,270

This 7-day journey takes you to the heart of Chilean Patagonia where you will visit the beautiful towns of Puerto Montt, Hornopirén & El Sauce hot springs.

4 NIGHTS From USD2,290

Set along the equator, some 600 miles off the South American coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a crown jewel of the natural world.

3 NIGHTS From USD2,300

The award winning Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is immersed in the landscape & showcases the magnificent views of the Torres del Paine National Park.

7 NIGHTS From USD2,370

The end of the world awaits you on the expedition cruise ship MV Stella Australis on a journey that retraces much of Darwin’s route through the Fuegian Archipelago aboard HMS Beagle.

4 NIGHTS From USD2,400

Daily hikes take you to remote passes with panoramic views of waterfalls, snow peaks and turquoise glacial lakes on this 6-day adventure to Machu Picchu.

3 NIGHTS From USD2,590

The Awasi Atacama Lodge is the only hotel in South America that offers a service tailored 100% to your needs.

7 NIGHTS From USD2,640

On this 8-day journey travel to Chile to experience untouched raw beauty. With the Andes mountains as the spine of this enigmatic country, discover pure happiness.

8 NIGHTS From USD3,065

Delve into the depths of the Sacred Valley before rising to the pinnacle of Peru – Machu Picchu. Cruise the Galapagos Islands & explore its flora & fauna.

6 NIGHTS From USD3,460

This trip of a lifetime explores extraordinary ruins, beautiful mountain views, strikingly different climatic zones - arriving at Machu Picchu by foot.

12 NIGHTS From USD3,830

Travel to South America and set off on an unforgettable adventure through the soaring Andes, meeting friendly locals and discovering the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of this remarkable region. 

12 NIGHTS From USD3,890

Let us take you off the beaten track in Bolivia, which hosts some of South America's most stunning vistas - from mountains to salt flats.

7 NIGHTS From USD4,135

Explore the enchanting islands of the Galapagos on this 8-day cruise and you might come across marine turtles, giant iguanas and many bird species.

19 NIGHTS From USD4,280

This 20 day tour highlights Colombia's culture, history & scenery - see bustling cities, traditional towns, majestic mountains & Caribbean beaches.

12 NIGHTS From USD4,300

Explore remote Southern Patagonia on this 13 day adventure and discover some of South Americas finest national parks.

9 NIGHTS From USD4,590

Travel with us from Argentina's Buenos Aires, through the magnificent Iguazu Falls and finally to the bustling and vivid city of Rio de Janeiro.

17 NIGHTS From USD4,730

Marvel at Machu Picchu and the mighty Moai of Easter Island. This 18-day in-depth tour of Peru lets you explore the highlights the country has to offer.

14 NIGHTS From USD5,015

Join us as we explore the Guianas: Guyana, Suriname and an optional extension to French Guiana.

19 NIGHTS From USD5,420

Visit Salta in Argentina & Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia - the real heart of South America & some of the most spectacular scenery in this great continent.

11 NIGHTS From USD5,499

Join us on this 12 day journey through some of the iconic highlights of Brazil including the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro and the magnificent and breathtaking Iguazu Falls, plus more.

7 NIGHTS From USD7,550

A Galápagos expedition cruise aboard Silver Galapagos brings you to one of the most isolated places to encounter an abundant variety of wildlife species.

12 NIGHTS From USD7,720

Dive into the rugged & picturesque landscape of Patagonia, South America's most southern region, and explore the stunning wildlife of Chile & Argentina.

10 NIGHTS From USD7,795

Akademik Sergey Vavilov gets into Antarctica's narrowest passageways. Book now to cruise Antarctica in more detail.

18 NIGHTS From USD8,615

On this 19-day journey, discover the very best of Peru, such as the Amazon, Machu Picchu, the floating islands of Uros and Taquile and more. Plus explore the wildlife rich islands of the Galapagos.

13 NIGHTS From USD8,840

Experience the unique culture of each of the Giuana's. Taste the prestigious French wines of French Guiana and the tantalising hot curries of Suriname.

13 NIGHTS From USD8,850

Join us on this 14-day itinerary exploring some of the most incredible places of South America: Macchu Picchu & Galapagos Islands. 

10 NIGHTS From USD9,195

Join us for the ultimate ‘white Christmas’ on a memorable voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula. 

32 NIGHTS From USD9,400

Join us on this epic journey exploring South America's most incredible destinations: Machu Picchu, Rio, Iguazu Falls and Torres del Paine all in one tour!

10 NIGHTS From USD10,695

This exciting new Antarctic expedition provides a modern twist on a much loved classic. Utilizing our decades of experience exploring Antarctica, we have designed a new voyage allowing us to reach our objective of the Antarctic Circle in just 11 days. 

10 NIGHTS From USD10,695

This exciting new Antarctic expedition provides a modern twist on a much loved classic. We have designed a new voyage allowing us to reach our objective of the Antarctic Circle in just 11 days. 

11 NIGHTS From USD10,895

On this exceptional 11-day voyage, we explore the South Shetland Islands, the spectacular waters of the Antarctic Peninsula & then the Weddell Sea.

14 NIGHTS From USD10,995

Sailing in comfort & style aboard the Hebridean Sky, we begin this 14-night expedition at the tip of South America. We will chart a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula with the ambition of crossing the Antarctic Circle. 

16 NIGHTS From USD15,295

This exciting new Antarctic expedition, which includes flights, may well provide the most unique ‘white Christmas’ you will ever experience.

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