Akademik Ioffe

Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov are sister ships built in 1989 and 1988 respectively. They were designed for polar research and are now the only scientific vessels still conducting marine science. With extensive upgrades and expansions, these ships are not only safe and ice strengthened, but also modern, comfortable and very spacious. Both carry less than 100 passengers. They transit open water crossings with ease due to their speed and integrated internal ballast system, resulting in a tremendous reduction from severe rolling in heavy seas. As a result, they are the most stable vessels travelling to Antarctica.
The spacious outer decks provide 360 degree views of the stunning landscapes. Inside they have comfortable presentation rooms for lectures and there is a multimedia room equipped with iMac computers to download your photos. The open bridge policy means you are welcome to meet the navigating crew at virtually any time of the day. Both ships offer a range of cabin configurations, comfortable lounge areas, library, a spacious dining room, a sauna, plunge pool, hot water Jacuzzi, fitness room and day spa with massage therapist. With safety in mind there is a small but well equipped medical clinic on each ship with an experienced wilderness doctor accompanying every voyage. The Akademik Ioffe presents herself as the ideal marine wilderness lodge and a perfect platform to explore Antarctica.

Why we like it:

"A true scientific expedition vessel that was designed for polar research, it has been purpose-built to suit the harsh Antarctic conditions.  Specially equipped with a combination of internal stabilizers and built-in ballast trimming, this ship has been constructed with comfort and stability in mind. Accommodation is comfortable with bonus added extras of fitness room, sauna, hot water spa and salt water plunge pool.  Expedition Staff are passionate, knowledgeable and geared towards making your Antarctic experience a truly awesome adventure!"

Genevieve Johnson - Destination Specialist

Technical Specifications

Deck Plan
Length: 117 metres
Breadth: 18.2 metres
Draught: 6 metres
Gross Tonnage: 6230
Speed (Max): 15 knots
Cruise Speed: 13.5 knots
Passengers: 96
Zodiacs & RIBs: 12 Zodiacs onboard
Electrical Outlets: 220 Volts/European Pin
Classification: Ice Strengthened
Ice class: Lloyds 1A
Bow thrust: Bow thrusters


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