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Lena Froelich, NSW Marketing & PR Executive

Lena Froelich, NSW Marketing & PR Executive

"Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before’ – a quote I’ve always lived by. And it doesn’t matter where that ‘someplace’ is, as long as you come back inspired. It can be the beach around the corner you’ve never had the chance to explore, the Caribbean cruise you’ve always dreamed of taking and anything in between. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it makes you grow"


Leaving my hometown in Germany when I was 18 years old, the travel bug caught me quite early and I was blessed to have parents who encouraged me to leave the nest and see the world.

From nannying in Paris to working for a language centre in Nice, hiking the Bavarian Alps countless times, cruising Halong Bay, island hopping Southern Thailand, overcoming my fear of heights by taking on the world’s steepest cable car ride in Langkawi, road tripping along the stunning beaches between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, there is nothing in this world I find more rewarding and am more passionate about than travel. 10 years since leaving Germany, I find myself living in Australia, promoting some of my most favourite parts of the world.

There is so much beauty in Latin America that it’s hard to pick a favourite but I do have very fond memories of Brazil. It’s not just the natural beauty that makes this country so special, it’s absolutely everything from the locals’ warmth, the food, the atmosphere, the culture, the history, there is so much to love about Brazil. My favourite travel moment was finding one beach paradise after the next as I was road tripping along the north coast of Sao Paulo. One beach I particularly remember for its beauty, it’s seclusion (and it’s amazing caipirinhas!) was Barra do Una, about 150 kms from São Paulo. 

I love that my job allows me to learn every single day about some of the most inspiring destinations in the world. Being able to do what I love for work whilst being surrounded by amazing people who share this passion, is truly a privilege. 

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