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Lisa Baddock, Destination Specialist

Lisa Baddock, Destination SpecialistLisa Baddock, Destination SpecialistLisa Baddock, Destination Specialist

Strangely, one of my South American highlights would have to be getting blasted by the raw Patagonian wind whilst walking the famous Torres del Paine trek! The contrast between the exquisite views and the raw nature blew me away.

Growing up in a small coastal town with no public transport other than the local school bus, I always had a burning curiosity for what lay ‘out there’. This curiosity has taken me to many corners of the globe, but it was South America and what I like to refer to as ‘The Deep South’ that completely stole my heart. During my time in Latin America I experienced a plethora of landscapes, including one mind-boggling sunset across the Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert that actually managed to bring me to tears. From snowboarding on the Andes, to exploring the jungles and islands of Colombia, South America always blew me away. And the culture. Full of colours, flavours, sounds and history like nothing I could have imagined until I was there in the flesh. The complete isolation and abundance of rare wildlife during a trip to the Sub-Antarctic Islands will always be one of my most treasured experiences.

I was also fascinated by travel itself. Why we travel. How these experiences shape us, how tourism impacts local communities, and most importantly how we can engage positively so that we can continue to preserve the unique attributes of a destination. This lead me to study tourism and international studies at and eventually lead me to Chimu, a company I believe is committed to providing memorable experiences to parts of the world where the rewards for us as travellers are no less than life-changing and treat such special locations with the respect they deserve.

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