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Mirko Seminario, Relationship Manager

Mirko Seminario, Relationship ManagerMirko Seminario, Relationship ManagerMirko Seminario, Relationship Manager

I was born in Lima, Peru, I started travelling when I was 5 years old; my dad is a farmer and due his job I spent part of my childhood leaving in the Peruvian highlands and the jungle but not for a long time as my mother did not like moving to different places and was worried about not finding a school for my little sister and I.

In the 1980's, Peru was not as popular as it is now, in fact it was a bit dangerous to live in some places and because of this my mother took my sister and I back to live in Lima.

Every time we travelled to visit my dad or grandmother (who lives in the countryside) I would dream about walking behind the big hills along the highway to discover what was on the other side.

When I was 12 I received a Nintendo for Christmas. The instructions were in English and I did not know how to do all the Mario Bros. tricks so I grabbed a dictionary and spent hours translating the little booklet. That is how I first learnt English. With further education at university I became fluent.

When I finished school I knew what I wanted to do; become a tour guide and travel around the world. I became a tour guide in 2002 and travelled through South America as a tour guide/leader until moving to Australia in 2014 where I worked  as a destination consultant.

I am passionate about all things Latin American and look forward to sharing my knowledge with clients and the Chimu team.

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