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Nathan Roe, Destination Specialist

Nathan Roe, Destination Specialist

"I have never felt more welcome than in Latin America, where everyone is pleased to see you, and you are pleased to see everything!"

There is so much in Latin America, it can’t be discovered in one trip, I would say take one country at a time, but even then, you will need to go back! With stunning scenery and so much to see worldwide, what makes Latin America stand out is the people. Having a cerveza with the locals really makes you feel at home. Costa Ricans stand out as the happiest, most friendly people I have met, so proud of their country and rightly so!

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world from a young age and continued in this vain. Working in the industry allows me to talk about what I love and get inspiration for my next trip! My passion for travel has not only see me in Latin America, but working abroad too. Chimu staff and travellers share a mutual passion for travel which makes for a fun workplace and excellent itineraries!

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