Get Ready for a trip-of-a-lifetime! Epic Antarctica with Samuel Johnson

Australian actor Samuel Johnson, well known for his unyielding devotion to his sister, her fight for life and her cause through Love Your Sister, has joined Chimu Adventures on a fundraising journey like no other.  To take a group of travellers to Antarctica with the objective of raising funds to support the Garvan Institute.

On what is set to be a unique voyage of discovery, with his unicycle under his arm and his swimmers in his suitcase, prepared for a cycle and a plunge on and in the ice, this cruise to Antarctica is set relish  fellow travellers with more than just an eye opening, mind blowing journey to earths end. It will be infused with antics, fun and activities not available on any other Antarctic cruise.

In preparation for his voyage, Samuel has spent some time with Andrew Denton and Jennifer Byrnes (keen Antarctica enthusiasts) discussing what Antarctica is really like, in a dynamic and funny, yet also eye opening conversation, the scene is set for this once in a lifetime journey that you can join.

Samuel Johnson interviews Jennifer Byrnes and Andrew Denton

Samuel Johnson’s devotion to his sister is unyielding, recently he gave up his formidable career in acting to concentrate solely on raising funds through Love Your Sister for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Having completed a record breaking journey around Australia on his Unicycle which raised over 2 million dollars, Samuel has set the bar higher and is now on a target to raise 10 million dollars, which will be no easy feat.



Get to know Samuel Johnson

In this interview we asked Samuel Johnson a few personal questions and received a few quirky answers!

Proceeds from berth sales on the Epic Antarctica voyage will go toward Samuels target and we hope you can join us.

For more information on the journey that is already filling up fast, visit

Author: Meg Hall

“During my first trip to Latin America I found myself travelling solo down the Amazon River. At the time I wondered if it was a good idea, in the end I had an experience that would change my life for the better as I found my personal boundaries had widened.”

Now having now experienced Chimu on the ground in both Antarctica on my own and in South America with my precious cargo, my two young sons, several times, I can hold my head high and say, “it is the only way to travel”. The only difficult decision to make is when to go! I cant wait to get back!