Ecuador Earthquake Appeal: How can we help?

An open letter from the founders of Chimu Adventures:

We are deeply saddened to hear about the recent events in Ecuador. The earthquake has so far claimed over 360 lives and seriously affected infrastructure on the coastal areas of Ecuador.

No Chimu passengers were affected by the earthquake, which we are so very thankful for.

As a country, this will have a huge impact on Ecuador – a place very close to our hearts. We must now look to how we can help Ecuador rebuild and overcome the serious issues that follow in the wake of an earthquake.

How can you help?

We challenge everyone to look beyond the heartbreaking images from Ecuador’s earthquake:

  • We ask the tourism industry to feature Ecuador as the main destination for 2016 and beyond. We need jobs – every tourist that comes to Ecuador feeds 7 families for 15 days, yes 7. This is the multiplier effect. Help make Ecuador the headliner in tourism brochures and magazines, help us create jobs and we will work ten times harder to make it happen.
  • We ask supermarkets and retailers to feature Ecuador’s produce – be it chocolate, bananas or straw hats.
  • We ask you to help Ecuador build a sustainable economy. Honestly, tourism is one of our best bets. Share the beauty of Ecuador as a country, of its warm people who want tourism to grow, to share our heritage, hospitality and earn an honest income.

We have set up a fundraising page to support the victims of the disaster. Just select “Ecuador Earthquake Appeal” in the drop-down – all funds raised will be sent straight to the Ecuador Red Cross.

No amount is too big or too small and it is hugely appreciated.


Photo credit: Rodrigo Buendia, 

Author: Chad Carey