Porto de Galinhas – The Port of Chickens

Porto de Galinhas translated as Port of chickens is located 1 hour south of Recife in the north of Brazil. Once a small fishing village, it’s now become an important tourist destination in that region.

blue sea at Porto de Galinhas with catamaran sailer

Porto de Galinhas beach. Photo credit: Simon Evans.

Stroll around Porto de Galinhas

The town itself remains pedestrianized which makes it very pleasant to stroll around day or night and is full of restaurants and a huge variety of shops catering to the tourist demand. With tourism now being the main source of income to the area,  you have the inevitable large number of shops selling a variety of tacky souvenirs but you can also find some finely made local handicrafts. Chickens feature heavily throughout the town with wood carved statues coming in all sizes adding a certain comedy value to your visit!

The beach and the reef

The main attraction in Porto de Galinhas is the beach which stretches for miles either side of the town itself. It’s star attraction is the reef which makes this particular beach one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Each day at low tide the shallow lagoon turns turquoise and bright blue and provides an ideal place to snorkel. Despite the large number of tourists
attempting to do this each day the reef is big enough to find plenty of empty areas if you want a bit of your own space. The beach itself has a lively buzz throughout the day as the food vendors ring their bells to get your attention and people try to sell you anything from excursions to boat rides, snorkel gear and stand up paddle board hire.

Food vendors at the beach of Porto de Galinhas.

Food vendors at the beach of Porto de Galinhas. Photo credit: Simon Evans.

If that all sounds a bit hectic then there’s plenty of quieter spots either side of this lively stretch to sit back and switch off. If you fancy something a bit more active then you can have a go at surfing. With some great waves, cheap tuition and surf hire it’s a great spot  whether you’re a beginner or accomplished surfer.

Explore the local region

For those looking to explore the local region in more depth there are a variety of excursions on offer. A trip to Carneiros which is located north of Porto de Galinhas is highly recommended.

White church on the beach of Carneiros surrounded by palmtrees

The church in Carneiros. Photo credit: Simon Evans

Voted as the best beach in Brazil on a number of occasions its clear to see why. Most excursions there will include the hour or so transfer to get to a pier close to Carneiros where you join a boat to cruise around the local bay to see some of the mangroves and other beaches in the area. You’ll also stop at the sand banks where you can get off and take some great shots. From there you then cross the waters to Carneiros itself. With a small reef area of its own sitting next to a beautiful palm cladded beach, it really is a spectacular spot.

beach with reef in Carneios surrounded by palmtrees

The reef of Carneios. Photo credit: Simon Evans.

Behind the main central area of the beach you can find a number of restaurants to settle down for lunch but if you prefer to get away from it all a bit then head to the end of the beach where you’ll find a small bamboo shack bar with a few tables outside. Run by a local lady, she also has a couple of dishes on the menu each day which usually consist of either fish or lobster. With an empty beach and turquoise waters lying in font of you, it really is one of the most perfect settings to tuck in to a freshly cooked lunch!

In addition to Carneiros another popular excursion is to Maragogi located south of Porto de Galinhas mid way to Maceio.
Although the beach there is nothing spectacular, the area is best known for the small lagoons and snorkelling.

So, with a nice small beach town atmosphere, fantastic beaches and close proximity to Recife, Porto de Galingahs provides a great option for those looking for a nice beach spot in the north of Brazil.

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