Last Minute Bookings To Antarctica. Is It Possible?

*Updated September 2019*

Antarctica is a beautiful and majestic place and a must do on many people’s bucket list, but what options are there if you feel you may have missed out because of common issues such as lack of time, slight forgetfulness or low to high volumes of procrastination?

We are here to let you know that there are still options for those last minute bookings to Antarctica; your dreams still can come true! It is important to mention that Antarctica is a place which books up quickly as it only hosts very few authorised touring companies, so we don’t advocate booking your trip of a lifetime too last minute. Booking 6 to 18 months in advance is highly recommended by us here at Chimu Adventures but here are how those last-minute bookings can be made possible.

Antarctic ice

Antarctic ice, Credit: Simon Evans, Chimu Adventures

When To Travel To Antarctica, Last Minute Or Not.

The Antarctica travel season runs from late October to March, avoiding the Antarctic winter which consists mostly of darkness, lots of sea ice and a lack of wildlife. Early season runs in October and November. At the start of the season it is fair to say you are seeing Antarctica at its purest. With limited wildlife and tourist activities, you can be encapsulated by Antarctica’s pristine quality of beauty. November can generally be a better time than October, just because you will get longer days.

The later it gets, however, the more expensive. During mid-season (December, January and early February), you will arrive in the middle of summer to experience longer days and ‘warmer’ temperatures. The wildlife is abundant, yet so are the people who want to see this amazing place. This is peak time, so this means more people and more expensive! The late season runs in late February and March, which is your prime time to experience wildlife. Not only this, but you are less likely to run into issues with sea ice thus getting the full experience with the benefit of your trip being slightly less pricey.

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Adelie penguins

Adelie penguins. Credit: Chimu Adventures

Solo Travellers Who Are Willing To Share

If you are an independent traveller, or a trip to Antarctica just sounds better alone, you are certainly increasing your chances of those last-minute bookings! Depending on the ship, you may have the choice of a double, triple or even quad shared room. As a last-minute booking tip for those desperate to get away, the shared rooms are generally the ones more likely to be available as it comes to crunch time. Many people travel to Antarctica solo. The benefit of this? The availability of companionship with like-minded travellers or the solidarity of being alone. Travelling alone to Antarctica can be an extremely personally rewarding opportunity and no doubt, will heighten your chances of getting on a vessel at short notice.

Travelling solo in Antarctica

Travelling solo in Antarctica. Credit: Chimu Adventures

Operator Offers

Last minute offers can vary from season to season, but there are still some deals to snatch up which could potentially save you a bit of your hard-earned cash and whisk you away on your trip of a lifetime. Operators may even offer two for one berths on a ship during those last few weeks. For those who don’t want to travel alone, want to save some money and are desperate to get away to Antarctica, this can be a perfect way to do so. It is impossible to rely on having these deals readily available when you decide to go last minute as they are quickly snatched up by people in similar situation and with the same drive to experience Antarctic.

We can also tell you that if those special offers are all gone, your chances of getting onto a ship to Antarctica can be cut quite slim. Not only that, but what might be available will be exceedingly more expensive. To ensure you can get your hands on some great last-minute deals, Chimu Adventures offers some exceptional deals. By joining our newsletter, you can be the first to hear about the incredible special offers that could facilitate you making your way to Antarctica and Latin America, its only one of your best chances.

Two for one Antarctica berths

Two for one Antarctica berths. Credit: Chimu Adventures

Book On The Spot?

It is not impossible to travel to Antarctica last minute during the season (Late October to March), especially if you are on an extended South America trip and find yourself in Argentina or Chile. This works more specifically if you are flexible on time and potentially, patience. Please be wary, although you may be in South America and ready to book your amazingly lucky find cruise to Antarctica, it is not always guaranteed that you will be able to find a flight for the cruise itself, especially during peak season. There has been many a case where people have booked a cruise from Ushuaia, and simply have no way of getting there! To avoid this, communicating with and booking through Chimu will ensure that you don’t have this issue. Chimu can take care of all your flights and bookings when you are desperate for that last-minute trip to Antarctica!


Ushuaia in Argentina where the majority of Antarctica cruises depart from. Credit: Chimu Adventures

Be Flexible

It is essential to be flexible in what you are looking for and the type of ship you are wanting to travel on to make sure you fulfil your last-minute booking plans. Chimu offers a range of ships, from luxury to basic. If you are cutting it thin, don’t have your heart set on a specific ship. After all, it is the beauty and wonder of Antarctica that should be your focus. Essentially, if stunning landscapes full of incredible wildlife, and honestly the experience of being in a place that is like no other is on your mind and you are running out of time, then flexibility is what you need.

Antarctic colours

Antarctic colours. Credit: Chimu Adventures

There may be many options out there for you last- minute bookers and your dreams can still be made possible. Have a look at some of our Antarctica special deals today! For more tips on last minute Antarctica deals and bookings click here. Hope to see you in Antarctica soon!

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