Press Release: 2020 Vision

Chimu reveal their best experiences for environmentally and socially conscious travel.

Sydney. Tuesday 17th December, 2019.  

Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, have a ‘2020 Vision’ for next year to be the year travellers think not only about where they will travel but how they will travel. They reveal their best experiences for socially and environmentally conscious trips which still offer the traveller a once in a lifetime holiday.

Their ‘2020 Vision’ campaign will focus on products which contribute positively to local communities; reduce, re-use and recycle; are making efforts to limit carbon emissions; have environmentally sensitive architecture or are fundraising for a good cause.

Community contribution:

One of the experiences Chimu’s ‘2020 Vision’ highlights for its positive community credentials is  Posada Amazonas, a Peruvian Amazon eco-lodge which is owned by the indigenous community of Infierno in partnership with Rainforest Expeditions. Local ownership ensures local people directly benefit from tourism at the lodge – the 20 plus year partnership has given the community a key influence on present and future tourism.

Carbon reduction, re-using and recycling:

‘2020 Vision’ also promotes Chimu’s new ship, the Ocean Endeavour, which is making strides to be a more sustainable Antarctic cruise option. Plastic reduction measures such as no straws, refillable bottles and the provision of toiletry dispensers are implemented and Chimu will establish an industry first by double carbon offsetting every departure so that this is a carbon neutral expedition.

Innovative architecture:

Other fantastic experiences featured in ‘2020 Vision’ include the luxury Chilean hotel, Alto Atacama, located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It was constructed using local materials and the specialist architecture limits the need for air conditioning. Solar power and water treatment facilities encourage more efficient consumption of resources.

Fundraising endeavours:

Chimu also want to outline their Chimu Exclusive Cruises. These Chimu hosted charters fundraise for a cause, whether that be social, environmental or cultural. In February, Chimu will host three-time Paralympic gold medallist Kurt Fearnley on their Antarctica Empowered voyage. A portion of the berth sales will be donated to the Kurt Fearnley Research Centre which operates within the Ruben Centre in Nairobi and provides education programmes for people with disabilities in marginalised locations.

The full list of Chimu’s most sustainable experiences are collated here and for every booking made in December, Chimu will Buy Another Bale for drought-affected farmers in Australia. Chimu’s 2020 Vision follows on from their successful Green Friday campaign which was whole-heartedly embraced by the industry and travellers. Chimu are thrilled with this positive reaction as both initiatives are a response to the events of 2019.

2019 saw environmental disasters on an unprecedented scale, from fires in Australia and the Amazon, to floods in India and Italy. Societal response has been protests such as Climate Strike and key figures such as Greta Thunberg have inspired millions of people to be hugely pro-active about the climate emergency. Chimu want to ensure that as a travel company, which inevitably involves the sale of long-haul destinations, they are making their operations as sustainable as possible while still offering once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

Co-founder, Chad Carey, elaborates on this:

“Travelling responsibly is mutually beneficial for both traveller and the environment. The travel industry has been subject to increased pressure as the climate emergency has unfolded so we feel it is more important than ever we are discerning about the experiences we promote so our travellers can make more conscious decisions about where and how they go in 2020, plus have an incredible experience along the way.”

Chimu can help you realise your 2020 vision. They been working in Latin America and the polar regions since 2004 and all their Destination Specialists have lived in/travelled Latin America extensively. Most of them have visited the polar regions too so can discuss the different options available. A full list of their 2020 vision experiences can be found here.


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Author: Frances Armitage