Get Paid To Travel To Antarctica

The land of penguins and snow, Antarctica is a traveller’s dream. Its purity, uniqueness and isolation make it one of the most remarkable travel destinations in the world. A place worth its weight in gold, it comes at a price.

Now there is a chance to visit Antarctica for free, and even get paid to go!

A Once In A Lifetime Experience

Imagine waking up to a steaming cup of coffee as you make your way to the upper deck. The ship has just entered a silent bay as the sun rises, illuminating the floating ice in an orange glow as whales breach the surface of the sea. Within minutes, the penguins stir, calling out to a new day and welcoming you to visit their home.

Sunrise in Antarctica. Photo: Shutterstock

As the world reopens, few places in the world are more attractive than Antarctica. Isolated, high on everyone’s bucket list and away from tourist-packed destinations, nothing aligns with a post-Covid trip like the great white continent.

Are you a travel blogger, influencer or have a group of intrepid friends? Have you always wanted to visit Antarctica? Wish you could go for free? Now you can!

Getting To Antarctica For Free

Chimu Adventures has launched a new program to provide anyone with a strong digital presence or close group of friends the opportunity of a lifetime.

How it works: Partner with us to promote a specific voyage, receive a commission for each person that books on to that voyage and go for free once twenty people have booked.

What started as a pilot has now expanded into a full-fledged program, opening the doors to travel enthusiasts worldwide. With the full support of the Chimu team, we provide all the information around travelling to Antarctica, liaise with the partner to get the best result from their campaign and take care of the entire booking process.

“It’s quite amazing,” stated James, Chimu’s Global Relationship Manager and program lead.

“Nearly everyone we’ve partnered with didn’t think they would get to twenty booked people, yet they have all smashed that milestone, and made a tidy profit along the way.”

James McAlloon – Chimu Adventures

How Does It Work?

So far, we’ve had over eighty people booked to Antarctica and four travellers coming along at no cost. This program is open to anyone who believes their audience or network is engaged and loyal, with the capacity to get bookings through their platforms or social circles.

“The biggest thing that has made our partners successful is their active involvement with their audience. It’s not simply about putting up a few photos on social media, but truly engaging with them openly that has made the difference between a lot of likes yet few bookings, or a lot of bookings.” James McAlloon – Chimu Adventures.

Worried that you can’t reach the number? Ask the people you are promoting to! The response may surprise you and before you know it, you could be taking a group with you aboard The Ocean Endeavour.

Using real-world-tested methods of engagement, Chimu has collated incredible insights into the booking potential of a partner, and the strategies that can be used to actively engage to yield the best results. These include using all the tools accessible to promote consistently across all platforms and circles, educating an audience about all aspects of the trip, and persistently engaging on a personal level – taking ownership of your own success. We’re glad to share our marketing knowledge to help you be successful.

If you’re a blogger, Instagrammer, influencer, or just someone with a gathering of friends or colleagues keen to visit Antarctica, please reach out! We’d love to talk you through the program in more detail.

Watch the video above to find out more.

Chimu welcomes anyone that would like to explore this opportunity by emailing James at

Author: James McAlloon

James McAlloon is a Relationship Manager for Chimu Adventures. In 2020, he set off for Footsteps For Food – an epic fundraising trek across Australia to raise money for people in South America devastated by the impacts of COVID-19. James is also an author. In 2020 published his debut novel, Drawn by Water.