Settle your post pandemic travel nerves, travel with Chimu!

Do you desire to travel again after two years staying home, but are still uncertain because of all the COVID complications? Chimu will help you pick the perfect trip for you.

Travel safely in 2022

The world has opened up again, which is truly exciting! Understandably, you may still be nervous about travel. You probably have concerns regarding the state of some countries at the moment and what this means for your travel plans. Because of our incredible team, which is scattered around the globe, and the experience we’ve gained during the pandemic, we can safely tell you that you won’t have to worry when travelling with Chimu.

Time To Travel Again

More and more people are ready to travel again, however, COVID continues to create obstacles. There is a lot of information online about the current COVID measures, travel insurance, and health declarations, which can sometimes be both confusing and overwhelming, especially as not every website is up to date.

We at Chimu have learned an incredible amount during the pandemic. Our doors were never shut and we kept our ear to the ground through thick and thin, improving our industry knowledge daily. We are aware of the current COVID measures throughout the locations we operate in and will assist you all the way in planning your journey.

Tenille in front of the famous Torres del Paine
Tenille in front of the famous Torres del Paine. Photo: Tenille Hunt

March 2020

To give you an insight into our logistics capabilities, in March 2020, when COVID first hit, we had many travellers on journeys with us in South America and Antarctica. Suddenly a plethora of borders closed, rendering return flight tickets and transit plans redundant.

So, we worked day and night to ensure that our travellers returned home safely. This involved collaborating directly with the Department of Foreign Affairs, local government authorities, and major airlines to secure the safety of our passengers. We were committed to help every single Chimu traveller and even non-Chimu travellers and were pleased we could use our contacts and local logistics team to pull of, what, at the time, felt like the impossible. That we pulled it all off was testament to the experienced logistics team we have on the ground in South America.

To learn more about how we were able to help passengers get home, watch our video “Calm to Chaos” for more details on how we conducted ourselves as borders tumbled at the start of the pandemic.

CALM TO CHAOS: A Dramatic Tale About Travel & COVID-19 | Chimu Adventures Documentary

Scenic flights during the pandemic

Once we were all home and locked behind our own borders, we understood that people still wanted to experience that travel feeling, especially during such difficult period in time. People were not permitted to leave the country, but they still yearned for an adventure.

Thus, Chimu’s scenic southern lights and Antarctica daylight flights were born. These flights enabled people to leave the island and experience something extraordinary, without leaving the country. To ensure that the flights were completely safe, strict measures were taken to ensure the safety of our passengers, including the sale of a limited number of seats to ensure adequate space between passengers, the requirement for masks, the requirement for vaccinations, etc. For many people, these flights represented a silver lining during a difficult time. We’re proud to say that we learnt to change and adapt.

Travel Safe to South America

Today our team continues to hard to ensure that COVID does not ruin your pre, during, and post-trip experience. We are in close contact with our South American colleagues to stay up to date on all the travel requirements. The most recent requirements are available here. We make every effort to provide as much information to our travellers as possible prior to their departure.

As has always been the case, if something unexpected happens during your vacation, we will do everything we can to assist you. Our local offices and operations across Latin America and in Antarctica are always on standby to help.

Travel Safe to Antarctica

Since COVID hit, our Antarctica operations teams have spent the past 2 years improving health and safety protocols. We had hundreds of travellers from nations with open borders travel to Antarctica in 2021 even with stringent testing and isolation rules still in place with very little incident. We have also shared notes with cruise operators all over the world, learning what does and what doesn’t work. As a result, we are now confident to say that our Antarctica cruises are safe and ready for the 2022 season.

If you are still doubting, or have any questions about one of our trips, please contact us and together we will find the perfect trip for you.

Author: Maritha Born