Why You Should Travel to Antarctica in 2022

Are you looking for the best time to visit Antarctica? Here are several reasons why 2022 is the perfect year!

Amazing Antarctica Cruise Discounts

The majority of Antarctic expeditions were postponed for two seasons due to the pandemic. To make up for lost time, most cruise lines are providing significant “post-Covid” discounts to fill their ships now that they’re permitted to operate yet again. As a result, travellers can take advantage of savings of thousands and thousands of dollars on their trips to Antarctica in 2022.

Additionally, costs for Antarctica cruises are anticipated to increase in 2023. The popularity of Antarctica cruises is growing, and it is expected that next year’s trips will sell quickly, resulting in operators raising their rates.

Ease the flight price pain

A large number of airport employees lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Airlines stopped operating, people were unable to fly, and the workforce was no longer required. Now that borders are reopening, and the travel sector is back in business, airports and airlines lack the personnel to meet the demand. As a result, there are now fewer flights per day and flying costs have gone up globally.

However, since there’s still such big discounts for 2022 on Antarctica trips, you’ll still come out ahead. If you book now, you’ll save thousands of dollars on the trip, even if you have to pay more for your flights.

While it is impossible to predict whether flying costs will go down or up the following year, it is certain that cruise costs will increase. In fact, a number of cruise lines have already raised their rates for the 2023–2024 Antarctic season.

So yes flights are pricey at the moment, but the whole cost of the trip will be lower this year than it will be next year.

You Deserve It!

It’s time to leave lockdown after nearly two years and go on new journeys. The pandemic made us aware of how quickly things can change. This means that you shouldn’t put off doing anything you’ve been wanting to do ‘one day’.

Now is the ideal time to visit a beautiful destination like Antarctica. Your amazing Antarctica adventure will astound you – it’s seriously life-changing, and it’ll help you forget about those dreadful two years of the pandemic. Book a cruise in 2022 instead of waiting for ‘perfect’ moment to take that trip of your lifetime; you deserve it!

Avoid Over-Tourism in 2022

Over tourism is something no one enjoys. You want to visit the Acropolis in Athens but once you arrive, you sadly find that thousands of others had the same idea. This will destroy the authentic experience and will certainly put a damper on the trip. By visiting Antarctica in 2022, you can visit one of the world’s most beautiful places without needing to worry about big crowds.

Oh, and even if you don’t have anyone else to go with, Antarctica is also great for solo travellers!

Limited Tourists in Antarctica

Strict responsible tourism regulations apply in Antarctica. To protect the environment, only a limited number of ships allowed to operate in Antarctica at once, which greatly limits the number of people who can visit. This means if you want to avoid crowded places and experience unspoiled scenery, Antarctica is the perfect destination for you.

There are Fewer Passengers on Cruises in 2022

Many people have chosen to delay travel for another year, as they’re still lacking confidence when it comes to Covid. This means the 2022 season in Antarctica won’t have as many travellers as pre-pandemic seasons. Plus, fewer ships will be in service in 2022. Since there will be less traffic in the Antarctic waters, the view will be truly be pure and unspoiled. For those who want to explore Antarctica with little human interference, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Sustainable travel

Traveling to Antarctica allows you to travel responsibly and you can choose a cruise that is fully carbon offset to minimise your ecological footprint. Several cruise ships, such as the Ocean Endeavour, also offer citizen science projects, which is an incredible way to help the fragile Antarctic ecosystem. You can participate in these initiatives and assist researchers in their efforts to protect the wildlife and ecosystem of Antarctica. These projects help us give back to the planet and are extremely rewarding as a traveller.

Author: Maritha Born