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Antarctica day flight | Solar Eclipse glimpses

1 Days FROM AUD 999


The cheapest Antarctica Scenic Flight of the 2021/22 season with an added unique celestial experience you won't forget.

On December 4th 2021, we will embark on an exclusive two-part scenic flight from Australia over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica. This one-of-a-kind adventure will provide Australian travellers with an incredible chance to witness Antarctica from above at a lower price than traditional Antarctica Scenic Flights.


Part One – Antarctica Scenic Flight


Leaving Melbourne early in the morning, we will fly south-east towards the coastline of Antarctica to spend a few hours flying over the Great White Continent and the Ross Sea area.

We will attempt to reduce the flying altitude to approximately 20,000 ft during this stage to improve the views as you gaze down upon the scenic shores of Antarctica and witness the absolute beauty of this enigmatic continent. Take in the incredible coastlines, massive glaciers, the formidable ice shelf, icebergs as large as apartment blocks, and scientific research stations, all from the comfort of a Dreamliner 787.

Antarctica Day Flight travellers will be allocated window seats for this leg of the journey, providing the best views of the incredible icy world of Antarctica.


Experience the Beauty of Antarctica from Above


Antarctica Flights are a completely different experience from traditional ship-based Antarctic expeditions. They provide the opportunity to explore the Great White Continent in a single day from a unique perspective. Flying over the continent, Antarctica Flights offer passengers an incredible appreciation of Antarctica's sheer size and scale compared to ship-based expeditions. 


Part Two – Total Solar Eclipse


After several hours of viewing in Antarctica, a seat swap will occur, and Antarctica Day Flight travellers will move to the centre of the plane as our Eclipse viewers take their turn at the window. However, your experience doesn't end there. Although you will no longer be gazing out the window, an incredible experience is just around the corner.

From here, we climb in altitude and make our way to approximately 74 degrees south to experience an incredible event, a total solar eclipse. As we fly directly to the path of totality, the lights will dim, and the plane will go into stealth mode, offering the entire plane an eclipse experience they will never forget. Onboard specialists will describe the phenomenon, and Adam Spencer will be the Emcee for this flight. The total solar eclipse will last approximately 2 minutes before we make our return trip to Melbourne.


For travellers who wish to be guaranteed sightseeing over Antarctica and experience the eclipse or the shadow, the option to purchase a row of seats is possible, thus avoiding the seat swap.

For more information on the Eclipse seating experience click here

Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACQASC

Location: Antarctica Overflight

Ship: Antarctica Flights


Pricing & date

Departing Ending Duration Price
04 Dec 2021 04 Dec 2021 1 AUD 999
Cabin Type Price
Business Premium AUD 6,595
Business AUD 5,099
Premium Economy AUD 2,999
Economy (No Wing) AUD 2,399
Economy (Wing) AUD 1,549
Limited View AUD 999


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