Family Tours

There is something  special about viewing the wonders of Latin America through the curious eyes of children. The sites, the smells and the first impressions are memories that will last a life time for everyone. Chimu Adventures staff have plenty of personal experience in travelling to Latin America with the offspring in tow, stuffing kids into backpack carriers and gallivanting across the continent, finding out what our kids really love and listening to their brutally honest feedback of what they don’t!
We’ve tested hotels and experiences for their ‘kid friendliness’, had our children taste test the local food, learn the local languages and experience long haul flights, we’ve loved every moment of it and have a lot of advice to share.
On the ground Chimu work with a host of great hotels, tour and cruise partners across the region. Some of our partners will also entertain and educate the children by taking them on jungle walks, horse rides, nature trails and even allow mum and dad to have a little bit of “down” time. Our recommendation to you is, don’t leave the kids at home!
Meg Hall from Chimu's Sydney office travelled with her family to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Ecuador, read about some of her adventures here.
Greg Carter, co-founder of Chimu Adventures travelled with his family to Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Belize read more about his Peru adventure here.
See below our suggested itineraries designed by our specialist team.  Choose one of these or alter to design your own journey. 

Family Tours

8 NIGHTS From 2,460

This family friendly 9 day adventure starting in Buenos Aires and traveling to Rio is the best introduction to South America.

20 NIGHTS From 6,890

Explore the highlights of Central America visiting Mexico, Antigua & Belize on this family friendly adventure.

5 NIGHTS From 6,430

Enjoy a luxurious 6-day stay at the Galapagos Safari Camp, an authentic inland safari specially designed for families visiting the Galapagos.

14 NIGHTS From 4,390

Discover the sites and sounds of colourful Mexico & Peru with your family on this tour. Explore Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Mexico city & Chichen Itza.

4 NIGHTS From 2,015

Travel to the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Enjoy guided treks, wildlife excursions & gaze up at the star-filled sky through your dome ceiling.

2 NIGHTS From 625

Posada Amazonas is a 30-bedroom rainforest lodge perfect for your first taste of the Amazon’s natural wonders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main family friendly destinations in Latin America ?

The main family-friendly destinations are the Amazon, Patagonia, Galapagos, Pantanal, Machu Picchu, Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica. 

Is it easy travelling with children to South America?

This really depends on your definition of easy. South America, like Europe is a long haul flight from Australia and New Zealand and so you need to be prepared for that part of the journey. Once you arrive in South America, the infrastructure is generally good, there are plenty of great hotels to choose from and generally a range of food options. Sometimes you just need a little patience in case something doesn’t quite run to plan - but that is often part of the adventure!

What kind of activities will children enjoy in South & Central America ?

Most children love encounters with wildlife and enjoy heading out by boat or on jungle walks in search of birds and animals. That is why the Galapagos, Pantanal and Amazon as well as Costa Rica are such great family destinations. Patagonia offers not only wildlife, but great outdoor activities that children enjoy - with options including walking, cycling and horse-riding. Costa Rica offers these activities as well as zip-lining and canopy walks. Then of course there are swimming and snorkelling opportunities - the Galapagos in particular is a fantastic destination for this activity, with a myriad of colourful fish and turtles to swim amongst. Piranha fishing is always a highlight in the Amazon! Children love the colour, buzz and excitement of local markets and Mexico and Guatemala certainly have their share of vibrant local markets. 

Is the accommodation family friendly?

Many Latin American families travel with their children and so it is not uncommon to find family-friendly hotels throughout South and Central America. If you are concerned, however, please check with your travel consultant prior to booking as not all accommodation is family orientated. If booking a private tour then we can obviously hand-pick hotels to suit your family’s needs. 

What is the food like?

Most of the higher standard hotels provide Western food as well as local dishes. Latin American cuisine is fairly palatable for children with many countries having asados (barbeques), papas, (potatoes) and a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as delicious fresh fruit juices. There are great seafood options along the coast and Argentina is of course renowned for its beef.

Can I travel to high altitudes with my children?

Children above the age of 3 months have the same responses to high altitudes as adults. You never quite know how your body, even as an adult, will respond to altitude until you get there. It is important for anyone, whatever their age, to ascend slowly, giving your body time to acclimatise. It is also important that you drink plenty of water and do not over eat as your digestion works slowly at higher altitudes. Also remember that the sun’s rays are more intense at high altitudes and so protection from the sun is vital. If you are concerned about altitude, we recommend that you consult your doctor or medical practitioner prior to departure. 

Are your guides accustomed to working with children and families?

In most areas yes, and we will request guides at the main sights that understand the needs of families and who will be able to bring the destination to life in a slower, more child friendly manner. For private tours we are able to tailor the tour to meet your family’s needs. 

Do the guides provide childcare?

Although the guides will try to interact with your children as much as possible, they are not responsible for providing childcare. Parents are expected to look after their children during the tour. 

What is the minimum age for children on a Latin America tour?

The minimum age really depends on you and your family and also on where you are planning to travel and the activities that you wish to include. It also depends on the kind of traveller you are. Chimu staff have been travelling with their children to Latin America since they were babies. Obviously the older they are the more they will get out of their tour and the more they are likely to remember.