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Expedition Cruising is not your typical ‘amusement park on water’ style of travel. On all of our chosen cruises extra shore time is encouraged, whilst using the convenience of the ship to transport you and put you up for the night. You won’t get trapped on board, literally watching the world go by - you will get up close and personal to that world.
Whether on an expedition to Antarctica visiting the icy mainland in your zodiacs each day, in South America cruising the Amazon on an eight berth cruiser (equipped with personal spa and crew) or visiting private islands off the coast of Brazil, you’re spoilt for experience choices. You could also be photographing the enigmatic wildlife of the Galapagos or heading further south to cruise through Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords en-route to the ‘end of the world’ in Ushuaia.
No bus terminals, no different hotel room every night, simply board the ship, unpack your bags and wake up every day with something new to explore. Whatever your choice, water is definitely a great way to get around!
See below our suggested itineraries designed by our specialist team. Choose one of these or design your own journey.

Featured Small Ship Cruises Trips & Deals

LUXURY  From 3,830

Explore one of the world’s most intriguing environments on board the luxury Delfin Amazon Cruise! 

SAVE 20%  2017 Departures

Cruise the Amazon aboard the luxury Zafiro which can swiftly slide through the mysteries of the jungle. Choose from a range of inspiring itineraries departing in 2017 and save 20%.


Cruise the Arctic, one of the world’s most extraordinary regions famous for its dramatic landscapes and fascinating wildlife.

SAVE UP TO 25%  May - June 2017

'Grace' is the ideal yacht for travellers who seek a true adventure. Special on 2017 Departure dates include: May 6 - 13, May 20 - 27, May 27 - June 3, June 3 - 10 

SAVE UP TO US$1000*  Twin Share From US$6,990

Take advantage of early booking discounts, the best value trip to Antarctica you will find this year! An exclusive Chimu Adventures departure. 

Small Ship Cruises Tours

3 NIGHTS From 1,500

This 4 day tour cruises down Amazon river learning about and gazing at the magnificent wildlife that can be found no where else on earth!

10 NIGHTS From 7,599

Antarctica cruise aboard the M/S Expedition. A great value option for touring and travelling around Antarctica.

20 NIGHTS From 18,095

See the amazing wildlife on South Georgia and Antarctica. Cruise to the Falkland Islands.

2 NIGHTS From 1,145

Embark on this 3-day voyage to Patagonia and gaze upon the awe-inspiring mountains and a number of intimidating glaciers.

3 NIGHTS From 1,960

Gaze at the unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery on some of Galapagos' most impressive islands during your 4-day cruise.

3 NIGHTS From 4,350

The new mega-catamaran Ocean Spray offers the best performance and comfort in Galapagos cruising. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places in Latin America for small ship cruising?

The best places are the Galapagos, Amazon and Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords. We also offer a Panama Canal Cruise and a Sailing Cuba tour.

Do you offer both luxury and standard small ship cruising options ?

Yes we offer a range of cruising options aboard a variety of vessels from standard to luxury. Even cruises to the Antarctic can be aboard expedition ships through to mega-yachts.

What's the biggest benefit for going on a cruise with less than 100 passengers ?

On an Antarctic cruise, the main benefit is that all passengers can be taken on shore landings at the same time as numbers are restricted to a maximum of 100 per shore landing. Obviously smaller ships also have access to more places than larger vessels and provide you with a more intimate and more personalised experience.

Are there usually educational lectures on board ?

Generally there are briefings on board the Amazon and Galapagos cruises, whereas Antarctic and Arctic cruises offer educational lectures, especially on sailing days when there are no shore landings.

I've had sea sickness before, are there ways to minimize this ?

There are a variety of ways to minimise or prevent sea sickness. If you are prone to sea sickness you can ask your doctor to prescribe medication for you. There are also some over-the-counter remedies that your pharmacist can advise you on. Whilst on board you can reduce the risks by sitting facing in the direction of travel, avoiding reading, excessive alcohol and rich foods and staying near a source of fresh air if you are not out on deck.

What is the minimum age on a small ship cruise in South America?

There is no minimum age for Patagonia cruises. The minimum age on Antarctic cruises depends on the ship but children are accepted on many vessels. For Galapagos cruises the minimum age is generally 6 and on Amazon cruises it is usually 8 but sometimes children as young as 5 or 6 are accepted depending on the cruise. 

What should my fitness level be if I want to take a cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic ?

A high level of fitness is not necessary for Antarctica or Arctic cruises, but you need to be in good health as although there is generally a doctor on board the ships, you are often a long way from any other medical assistance. The majority of activities are focused around shore excursions and zodiac cruising and so you need to be agile and able-bodied enough to climb into and out of the inflatable zodiacs from both the ship and the shore. On shore landings you may need to negotiate uneven and slippery ground. Shore excursions generally involve some walking.