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15 DAYS From AUD5,275

Travel Argentina in detail. Shop and eat in Buenos Aires, marvel at Iguazu Falls and visit Salta and El Calafafe.

12 DAYS From AUD7,770

Experience the adventurous side of Argentina in comfort. Begin with Iguazu Falls, be at one with nature at the Yacutinga Lodge & end in rugged Patagonia.

10 DAYS From AUD8,999

Join us for this exciting 10-day journey to Argentina and Chile to discover some of the highlights of these two spectacular countries.

7 DAYS From AUD2,000

Trek the famous Perito Moreno glacier on this adventure tour option south of Patagonia.

9 DAYS From AUD2,305

One of our most popular tours to Argentina, travel to the most popular destinations in a compact timeframe.

12 DAYS From AUD3,999

A short highlights tour of Argentina. Explore the urban delights of Buenos Aires and wander the endless walkways of Iguazu Falls.

4 DAYS From AUD665

Escape to northern Patagonia - the Switzerland of South America - for breathtaking forests, lakes and mountains.

3 DAYS From AUD790

Our most popular short break tour to Iguacu. Explore the Argentina and Brazilian side of the falls and visit the devil's throat.

4 DAYS From AUD995

Live this amazing experience in the north west region of Argentina. Walking in the mountains through the ancient Inca trail discover the historical ruins.

4 DAYS From AUD1,650

Salt Plains, Geysers and Volcanoes - a tour of the world's driest desert. This 4 day trip will give you a great overview of the Atacama Desert.

7 DAYS From AUD1,739

This trip delivers adventure, relaxation and culture in true South American style Discover Chile and Argentina's wonders on this journey through the Lakes District.  

4 DAYS From AUD1,825

Explore Argentina's most famous and popular wineries on this short tour wine tasting visit through Mendoza.

6 DAYS From AUD1,890

Explore the winemaking heartland of South America’s best known wine exporters, Chile & Argentina.

7 DAYS From AUD2,015

Discover the most scenic landscapes in Argentina, from Argentina's passionate tango in Buenos Aires and the magnificent Iguazu Waterfalls to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia.

5 DAYS From AUD2,030

Its excellent geographic location has led Uruguay to become a privileged producer of wines with international standards of quality in the last few years.

7 DAYS From AUD2,575

Discover the Carretera Austral and explore the stunning landscapes of the Futaleufu Valley and the majestic Queulat Hanging Glacier on this 7-day journey.

3 DAYS From AUD2,610

Iguacu, Iguazu or Iguasu? Call it what you want but do in luxury by staying at these premium hotels.

5 DAYS From AUD2,659

Launching in January 2018, embark on adventurous five-day, four-night journeys between Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas (Chile) aboard the Ventus Australis, through some of planet’s most remote places and incredible scenery.

9 DAYS From AUD2,680

Take and in depth tour of the Salta region. Visit the salt flats and coloured sands and canyons. Sample the wines of Cafayate.

7 DAYS From AUD3,149

This trip involves a collection of the many experiences which the Atacama calls home. View the itinerary to see everything it includes.

9 DAYS From AUD3,420

Explore Chiles wine region then travel through the Chilean and Argentinean Lake Districts - Chile and Argentina's premier adventure destinations.

6 DAYS From AUD3,465

Take a short trip out to the real pampas and stay on an Estancia with the gauchos.

14 DAYS From AUD4,020

A 14 day tour giving a great overview of Chile and Argentina, including hiking & wineries as well as a visit to the Torres del Paine National Park.

14 DAYS From AUD4,105

This popular 14-day journey offers you an insight into the sophistication and culture of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

12 DAYS From AUD4,270

On this 12 day tour we have hand picked the top highlights of Brazil to give you a flavour of the country’s incredible diversity.

9 DAYS From AUD4,745

From Argentina to Chile in nine days, enjoy the spectacular glacial and mountain scenery of Calafate, Puerto Natales and the world-renowed Torres del Paine National Park. 

13 DAYS From AUD5,325

Northern Ruta 40 (Route 40) covers a vast array of landscapes, from the dry high altitude deserts and mountains of the Andes near the Bolivian border to the lush vineyards of Mendoza.

12 DAYS From AUD5,400

Our highlights of Brazil tour designed specifically for wildlife lovers. Start in Iguazu Falls then venture into the Amazon Rainforest & Pantanal Wetlands.

10 DAYS From AUD5,429

Join us for this exciting 10-day journey to Argentina and Brazil to discover some of the highlights of these two spectacular countries.

14 DAYS From AUD5,895

This tour will offer you an in-depth experience of Northern Argentina and Uruguay.

14 DAYS From AUD6,105

This contrasting journey to the end of the world combines some of the most exciting locations in Chile and Argentina.

10 DAYS From AUD6,205

Travel with us from Argentina's Buenos Aires, through the magnificent Iguazu Falls and finally to the bustling and vivid city of Rio de Janeiro.

7 DAYS From AUD6,980

Visit sublime wineries in Chile and Argentina. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful regions while staying in deluxe properties.

20 DAYS From AUD6,989

Representing excellent value for money, this trip provides an excellent insight into the continent.

21 DAYS From AUD7,339

Looking to explore South America? This 21 day loop covers the best of Argentina, Brazil, Peru and a taste of Chile. Giving you an incredible taste of the continent.   

21 DAYS From AUD7,780

Check off Peru, Argentina and Brazil on this 21 day tour of South America, including stops at Machu Picchu, the Amazon & Iguazu Falls.

10 DAYS From AUD8,670

Classic Antarctica cruise including the South Shetland Islands

13 DAYS From AUD8,830

Get your adrenaline pumping in Chile's adventure sports capitals. Explore the Lake District on this 13-day adventurous journey through Chile and Argentina.

10 DAYS From AUD9,275

Onboard our strong, ice-classed expedition vessel, Ocean Atlantic, we are sure to get close to the dramatic coastlines.

17 DAYS From AUD9,590

Discover the highlights of the southern hemisphere as you fly from Argentina’s historic and cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia to board the MS Midnatsol, destination Antarctica and the Falklands.

12 DAYS From AUD10,135

In the 8th largest country in the world there are so many contrasts, and such a range of choices that it will fit any honeymoon itinerary.

13 DAYS From AUD10,430

Dive into the rugged & picturesque landscape of Patagonia, South America's most southern region, and explore the stunning wildlife of Chile & Argentina.

14 DAYS From AUD11,070

Discover the deep south on this whale watching voyage

27 DAYS From AUD11,390

Take a premium overland trip Patagonia from Ushuaia to Santiago. Designed for 40-70 year olds, an adventurous itinerary with all the creature comforts.

27 DAYS From AUD11,390

On this incredible journey, we will travel from Ushuaia, Argentina, the most southerly city in the world, through the remote expanses of Patagonia. 

24 DAYS From AUD11,880

Join us on this unique train adventure and experience the majesty of South America from the comfort of your seat. Pass through charming Andean villages, Cloud forest, and witness first hand the marvel of engineering...

16 DAYS From AUD12,979

Start your journey in Sydney with this flight inclusive package to Antarctica via Santiago

33 DAYS From AUD13,745

Want to travel in South America & fit in as much as possible? Take this 33 day journey around the continent, ticking off all the must-sees on the way.

21 DAYS From AUD17,115

21 day expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

17 DAYS From AUD18,634

Experience a magical Christmas and New Year on board Le Soléal during this 17-day expedition cruise that combines the three emblematic regions of the White Continent - The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the unmissable Antarctic Peninsula.