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8 DAYS From AUD8,865

Spend a week exploring the Canadian Arctic at this unique wilderness lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada.

10 DAYS From AUD9,150

The great appeal of this voyage is the immediate immersion into the Arctic wilderness from the very first day.

11 DAYS From AUD10,950

This 11-day Arctic cruise offers the opportunity to explore the less visited area south of Baffin Island, Canada’s largest island and a wilderness paradise.

14 DAYS From AUD16,480

Discover the incredible beauty of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic on this 14-day Arctic adventure.

23 DAYS From AUD33,600

Follow in the wake of the Arctic explorers to cross the legendary Northwest Passage on this epic 23-day luxury expedition aboard L’Austral.