Did you know that Peru is home to more than 1,800 species of birds? That dolphins live in the Amazon River and are pink? That the largest rodents in the world live in South America and are eaten by the locals? That sixty percent of the world’s seal population resides in Antarctica? That certain birds in the Galapagos are called boobies and have blue feet? Or that the rarely seen two-toed sloth lives in Costa Rica? Well, you do now.
From the driest desert to the lushest rainforest, mountains, wetlands, farmlands, glaciers and icebergs, Latin America and Antarctica are the perfect breeding grounds for a compilation of some of the world’s most enigmatic species of wildlife. Whether you want to get a hero shot of a butterfly the size of a bird, a brightly coloured Macaw, Llama or Penguin, or want to get up close and personal with an Armadillo or a jumping spider - you won’t be disappointed!
Chimu Adventures can help you release your inner David Attenborough. See below our suggested itineraries designed by our specialist team. Choose one of these or alter to design your own journey.
7 NIGHTS From 2,591

This active island hopping tour of the Galapagos introduces you to the rich wildlife and fascinating history of the ‘Enchanted Islands’ as you tour by boat and on foot, staying in island hotels each night.

3 NIGHTS From 865

Enjoy a 4-day experience at Muyuna Lodge, located on the banks of the Yanayacu River. Look for monkeys & sloths in the Amazon jungle and go bird watching.

4 NIGHTS From 995

Enjoy a luxurious 5-day experience at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica. Choose from numerous excursions to create your own rainforest adventure.

3 NIGHTS From 1,865

Our Galapagos Islands hopping tours are a great alternative to live-aboard cruises, you get to explore the archipelago’s wildlife and natural wonders by day, you sleep in boutique Island hotels by night. 

7 NIGHTS From 3,840

Gaze at the unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery on some of Galapagos' most impressive islands during your 8-day cruise.

20 NIGHTS From 7,290

Looking to explore South America? This 21 day loop covers the best of Argentina, Brazil, Peru and a taste of Chile.   

3 NIGHTS From 2,395

The Aida Maria offers a great value cruise of the Galapagos for those on a tight budget. 4-days - Islas Santa Cruz, Floreana, Espanola & San Cristobal.

4 NIGHTS From 2,670

Two nights at the beautiful Amazon EcoPark Lodge and two nights aboard the comfortable M/V Desafio offers an ideal introduction to the Amazon.