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Before you even go on your honeymoon you know it will be a trip of a lifetime, the first time you will travel as husband and wife and what better way to do it than to really get away from it all. Beat the ‘Honeymoon Highway’ to the flop and drop destinations and lose yourselves in a Latin America or even Antarctica honeymoon!
A honeymoon in South America could see you doing anything from cruising the Amazon in your 5* suite with your own personal spa and crew, to living the high life in a tented camp in the remote Atacama Desert, Chile or even hiking to Machu Picchu, Peru, staying in a stunning lodge every night. In Central America, you might find yourself sailing and island hopping in Belize, enjoying the Caribbean beaches of Mexico or even embarking on a luxury white-water rafting adventure in Costa Rica.
Lets not forget Antarctica, though often seen as the last frontier, cruising to Antarctica is an extremely personal experience. With private cabins and the world’s most pristine wilderness at your port hole, the emotions run over drive at earth’s end. 
Most of Chimu Adventures’ suggested itineraries can be upgraded for private departures and are fully customisable, so really, you tell us where you want to go and what you want to see and we’ll arrange it according to your taste.

Featured Honeymoon Trips & Deals

POPULAR  From 2,990

A beautiful honeymoon package that introduces you to some of the wonders of Costa Rica.

POPULAR  From 3,320

Culturally rich, evocative and historically complex - Cuba is a place like no other. Add to this its vast stretches of white Caribbean beaches and clear, warm waters and Cuba makes for an intriguing honeymoon destination.

POPULAR  From 10,135

In the 8th largest country in the world there are so many contrasts, and such a range of choices that it will fit any honeymoon itinerary.

Honeymoon Tours

11 NIGHTS From 7,745

Join us on this 12 day journey through some of the iconic highlights of Brazil including the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro and the magnificent and breathtaking Iguazu Falls, plus more.

11 NIGHTS From 8,920

On this 12-day tour discover the spectacular scenery of Chile, from wild and breathtakingly beautiful Torres del Paine to the arid, sun-baked Atacama Desert with its salt flats and geysers.

13 NIGHTS From 16,600

Experience hand-picked luxury hotels and lodges, the exclusive Hiram Bingham Train and a beautiful Amazon River boat all with a romantic touch to your travels across Peru.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chimu sell honeymoon packages?

Yes. Chimu has a selection of suggested honeymoon packages on our website including Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile and Peru, but we are also able to upgrade and customise many of our other itineraries giving you the flexibility to choose where you want to go and how long you stay, with handpicked properties to suit your style and budget. 

Where are the most popular places to honeymoon in Latin America?

The most popular destinations are Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica where there are a range of beautiful lodges and hotels to choose from and many highlights and activities to include. Luxurious Amazon and Galapagos cruises are popular honeymoon choices as is the stark, yet beautiful Atacama Desert and the Caribbean beaches of Mexico for those looking for a more relaxed honeymoon experience. Some couples even choose a cruise to Antarctica for their honeymoon with a range of beautiful cabins and suites available on many of our Antarctic vessels. 

Can Chimu help me propose to my partner in Antarctica or Latin America?

Yes Chimu can certainly help with this in liaison with the ship’s operator in Antarctica or our local operators in Latin America. As this is such a personal experience, we suggest you contact us so that we can help to organise something to suit your personal style. In Antarctica, we could find a secluded spot on shore where you can make your proposal, with champagne served to you on your return to the ship. In Latin America, possibilities could include organising a gourmet hamper with champagne for a picnic lunch at a special location or arranging a candlelit dinner at a top restaurant. 

Where are the best places for post wedding photography?

There are many amazing places for post wedding photography with stunning destinations and vistas right across the continent. Machu Picchu provides an iconic backdrop for photos as do the mighty Iguazu Falls. Maybe you prefer tropical white sand beaches in which case you might consider Brazil, Mexico or maybe Cuba or Belize. Then there is Patagonia with the spectacular scenery surrounding you in Torres del Paine National Park or the Chilean Lake District. The beautiful colours of the Atacama Desert provide more great photo opportunities with incredible sunrises and sunsets adding to the spectacle. If you decide to get married in Latin America, there are some amazing lodges and resorts that offer wedding packages, with the properties set in beautiful grounds providing perfect settings for photographs. 

How long should a honeymoon trip be?

This will depend very much on the type of traveller you are, the destination that you select and how much or how little you want to do or see whilst on your honeymoon as well as the amount of time you have available. As Latin America is a fairly long haul, especially from Australia and New Zealand, we certainly recommend at least a week, preferably slightly longer as a minimum.  

We want a really nice honeymoon but have a very small budget, where can I go in South America?

We have some very affordable honeymoon packages in Costa Rica and Cuba but there are many options for tailoring a honeymoon to fit your budget. Peru and Bolivia tend to be cheaper countries to travel in than Chile, Brazil and Argentina for example. There are some beautiful boutique hotels throughout Latin America that are much more affordable than some of the exclusive lodges and very upmarket resorts giving us various options for putting together a really nice honeymoon on a limited budget for you.

Where can the best sunsets be found in Latin America?

Spectacular sunsets can be seen across Latin America but some of the best can be seen in the Atacama Desert, at Machu Picchu, in Torres del Paine National Park and from Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio.

Which are the best restaurants in Latin America?

Latin America is home to several of the world’s best restaurants. In Lima, highly acclaimed restaurants include Central, Maido and Astrid y Gaston. Mexico City boasts several award-winning restaurants including Pujol, Quintonil and Biko. If Santiago is featuring in your honeymoon, you could try Borago, or if heading to Buenos Aires you could treat yourself to a meal at Tegui. There is definitely no shortage of excellent cuisine and fine restaurants throughout Latin America.

What are the most romantic place in Latin America?

This really depends on your idea of romance. There are romantic cities such as Rio e Janeiro and Cartagena and romantic coastal towns such as Brazil’s Paraty. Some find the mountains romantic - the towering granite peaks of Torres del Paine are certainly stunning. Colonial towns have a romantic charm with examples such as San Cristobal de las casas in Mexico, Cusco and Guatemala’s Antigua. To many, the Galapagos Islands rate highly amongst the top romantic destinations in Latin America, as does Machu Picchu. And of course we can’t forget the Caribbean coast and the many beautiful beaches of Brazil.