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Ruth Wilson

My first experience of travelling solo was through Latin America. After completing an international internship in Nicaragua for my university degree, I spent several months travelling Latin America on my own. This time provided me with the best education I could ask for - teaching me empathy, cultural tolerance and understanding, as well as personal growth and development. I’ve well and truly had the travel bug since then, and I can’t wait to continue exploring the globe.

While studying International Relations at University, I was given the opportunity to do an internship with an international not for profit in Nicaragua. I will admit I didn’t know much about Nicaragua before I left, and was happy to find it offered many diverse experiences, from boarding down a volcano, lounging around the Blue Corn Islands in the Caribbean, climbing volcanoes in Isla de Ometepe and surfing in San Juan del Sur.

The next six months I spent travelling Latin America. From cruising across the Caribbean to Colombia through the crystal blue water of the San Blas islands, experiencing the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, sand boarding in the desert in Huacachina and visiting Machu Picchu in Peru. I also had the opportunity to experience a homestay on Lake Titicaca, cruise across the Uyuni salt flats into the Atacama Desert in Chile, bike ride through the wineries in Mendoza and eat the best steak of my life in Buenos Aires. My trip ended with experiencing the force of Iguazu falls from below and relaxing on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Since then I have returned to Mexico, eating my weight in tacos, swimming in cenotes and learning to dive in Cozumel. I was also lucky enough to visit Cuba which was such a unique travel experience, staying with families across the country we were able to experience the culture and really get to know the people. We cruised around on scooters through Valle de Vinales, rode horses to hidden waterfalls in Trinidad, snorkelled crystal-clear water in Varadero and drank many a mojito.

I believe that exploring the world is one of the most enriching experiences that life has to offer. It has taught me so much about culture, history, cuisine, empathy and self-development. To be able to work at a company like Chimu Adventures and to be able to work with like-minded people, who love travel, adventure and who are sustainably conscious is a dream come true.

Ruth Wilson

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