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Stephani Bucheli

When my husband told me "let's go to Antarctica for our honeymoon", I didn't know what to expect, until we board the M/S Expedition and start heading south to this stunning white continent where no human rules and wildlife lives in harmony.

I was born and raised in Lima Peru and was very fortunate to get to know my country and fall in love with it but I've also had the opportunity to travel across many countries in Latin America and loved every piece of each place I've been... from eating street tacos in Panajachel, Guatemala to ziplining in Monteverde, Costa Rica; from swiming with sharks in Galapagos to stargazing in the Atacama desert; from dancing samba during the Carnival in Rio to witness the majesty of the Perito Moreno Glacier; from doing SUP in Bocas del Toro, Panama to hiking the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador; or from the breathtaking Iguazu Falls to the pristine Uyuni Salt Flats; and the list keeps going on!

I couldn't name my favorite place because each of them made an impact in my life but I must say Colombia has a magic that is hard to explain with words. Beautiful beaches in Tayrona Park, delicious coffe in the Quindio region, rich history in Cartagena and so much more!

Working for Chimu Adventures is allowing me to keep learning about places I have yet to go and to share my passion about Latin America with others, so I can help you to create your dream vacation.


Stephani Bucheli
Lima (North America)

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