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Stephen DuPont

“Capturing Antarctica is about me challenging myself, I want to return with something unique.” – Stephen Dupont

Acclaimed photographer and documentary filmmaker Stephen Dupont strives to capture the realities of humanity through film.

Antarctica holds a special place in Dupont’s life as it was Frank Hurley, photographer onboard the ill-fated Shackleton expedition, who inspired him at an early age to pursue photography. Hurley’s use of a large format camera, which he used to take powerful and meaningful images of the ship and its crew, helped shape Dupont’s passion for photography. Today, Dupont follows in the path of Hurley via conflict photojournalism. Taking his photography to Antarctica will bring his passion full circle.

“I want to gain a deeper understanding of where Antarctica sits in terms of environmental issues”, explains Dupont.

Dupont has been awarded some of the most prestigious prizes in photography, including the 2015 Olivier Rebbot Award and the 2005 Robert Capa Gold Medal citation from the Overseas Press Club of America and first place from the World Press Photo. He has also worked as an official war artist for the Australian War Memorial in the Solomon Islands and Afghanistan.

He has been featured in publications including The Smithsonian, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and The Guardian.

While Dupont has held major exhibitions around the world and has portfolios in leading collections in Australia and abroad, Dupont currently looks forward to his next challenge—capturing Antarctica in a new way. In Antarctica, he aims to capture not just the place, but the people visiting—their reactions, emotions, and gaze as they see the great white continent for the first time.

During the voyage, Dupont will present a presentation on his life’s work and will shoot using both film and Polaroid to create an exclusive book of images from the journey.


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