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Valerie Waterston, Destination Specialist

Valerie Waterston, Destination SpecialistValerie Waterston, Destination SpecialistValerie Waterston, Destination Specialist
My first trip outside Australia was to South America back in 1991. Thinking I would enjoy a trip around and return home, I never imagined I would end up leading tours and living in this wonderful place for over 5 years. A life of travel in either work or play has seen me lucky enough to be able to add all 7 continents to my travel history. To this day South America is still my favorite.
My family is from Uruguay and it seemed a good excuse to visit them when I finished university rather than get a job. It wasn’t much more for a RTW ticket than a return to South America so that’s what I did!  8 years later after travelling and then tour leading in Europe, Middle East and Africa I returned to lead overland expeditions in South and Central America and found this is where my travel spirit truly resides. For many more years I escorted tours camping, and later 3 star, 4 star and luxury hotels. 
I would like to say there isn’t much I don’t know about Latin America.  Since I started at Chimu however that is no longer true. I have discovered endless new places and ways to travel on this remarkable continent. Chimu has such a diverse product range, every corner of Latin America is covered. 
From mountains and glaciers, to jungle, desert and historical cities. Waterfalls, the altiplano, cosmopolitan cities, ruins and endless highlights. Combined with amazing cuisine and friendly people this is not only a destination to discover, but a place to fall in love with and return again and again. 
I can’t wait to plan your trip to Latin America and hear about your experience on your return. 

I enjoy working for Chimu because: As independent as I can be in an office environment, with the bonus of a social environment... Plus, I get to dream about travel every day and use my experiences to improve people’s itineraries.

Top travel picks for 2018: Atacama Desert – people think of South America for ruins, jungle, glaciers, food and history. The desert is just as remarkable and getting better known. The good thing is desert destinations are pretty hardy in that too much tourism doesn’t do damage so no problem adding this place to your wish list no matter how remote or touristy it may seem to you.



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