High Arctic Explorer


The great appeal of this voyage is the immediate immersion into the Arctic wilderness from the very first day. We achieve this by commencing in Resolute, one of the most northern outposts in the Canadian Arctic. This stunning 10-day journey is the perfect blend of wildlife, history, culture and scenery. The long hours of daylight give us maximum time to explore known wildlife hot spots including one of the largest migratory bird sanctuaries in the world, at Prince Leopold Island. History is a key focus and we plan visiting numerous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) outposts such as Grise Fjord, Craig Harbour and Dundas Harbour. A highlight for many will be a visit to remote Beechey Island, the final resting place of several men from Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in the 1840’s. Along the ice floe edge we encounter beluga and bowhead whales and hope to encounter the mythical narwhal. Sightings of polar bear can be expected at numerous locations throughout the voyage.

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10 Days


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Accommodation Standard

Transfer to the ship on embarkation day from central meeting point -

Cabin accommodation – a range of cabin types to choose from -

Experienced Expedition Leader and expedition team -

Dedicated hospitality staff including Hotel Manager and Adventure Concierge team -

All meals including daily afternoon tea -

Daily shore excursions by Zodiac boat (we have a fleet of 10 per ship) -

Informative and educational onboard presentation series -

Professional photographer on board to assist all guests -

An ER trained English speaking expedition doctor -

Guided hikes and walks ashore to wildlife sites, view points, historic sites and science stations -

Access to computers in the multimedia centre for image downloads, file back up and management

Onboard sauna, hot water Jacuzzi, plunge pool and fitness centre

Access to well stocked library full of polar reference books

Transfer from the ship to the airport at the end of the voyage

Difficulty Rating 2 (light adventure)
Single Surcharge

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Polar exploration can be unpredictable, which regularly causes variations to our itineraries. Specific sites visited will depend on prevailing weather and ice conditions at the time of sailing. The above itinerary should be read as a 'guide only' and may change. The ship's Captain in conjunction with the Expedition Leader continually review the sailing plan throughout the voyage, making adjustments to the itinerary along the way to take advantage of optimal weather and ice conditions or to maximize our encounters with wildlife. Decades of experience spent exploring these waterways mean we have a large number of outstanding landing sites and zodiac cruising locations to consider, even when the weather conditions may not be ideal or when heavy ice may block out a planned route. A flexible approach is something we encourage you to bring to the ship.

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