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Greg Carter

“Chad wanted to go to South America. I said I could arrange him a cheaper trip than he was looking at. He said ‘why don’t we start a business?”

This was how Chimu Adventures was born, two friends over a beer realising it would be a great idea to provide good value Latin American trips that weren’t on the market at that time. Now I get to work with one of my best mates, I get to travel and I get do something I am 110% passionate about. A man knows he’s happy when he realises that if he won the lottery he wouldn’t change a thing. I am that man!

From the first time I set foot in Latin America (it was in Lima and I was surrounded by hundreds of people screaming at me to get in their taxis) I fell in love with the place. Since that first trip I’ve managed to squeeze in visits to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Several expeditions to Antarctica, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. And I keep going back for more, generally spending two months or so a year in South America searching high and low for those special gems hidden amongst the clutter, ensuring we can offer the best options and have new things to tell our customers about.

Being able to share this passion and create journeys of a lifetime for our customers is what Chimu is all about. We want you to love Latin America and Antarctica as much as we do and so we work hard to make sure that happens. I am proud of what we do here every day at Chimu, and always love to hear the amazing feedback our clients give us!


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Greg Carter
NSW (Australia)

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