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Sarah Baxter

“My mother always said to eat well and travel often. But when ‘travelling often’ the ‘eat well’ part doesn’t apply… when on holiday eat and enjoy!”

My favourite dish is Ceviche marinated in loads of lime juice, washed down with a Chilean Sav Blanc- bliss! The Chimu crew at our Cusco office took me to a restaurant called Limo which served the most amazing Japanese food I’ve ever had- rather unexpected that the best sushi rolls I would have is in Peru! This is their favourite hangout when people come to town so if you let them order for you, you wont be disappointed!

My favourite destination was Iguassu Falls until I recently returned, discovering Colombia and it’s amazingly friendly people, stunning tropical beaches, pristine rainforests, romantic colonial towns, and buzzing cosmopolitan cities. As I only found out I was going on this trip 4 weeks before departure, I had no real expectations and it wasn’t somewhere I had given a whole lot of consideration so I was blown away with what I experienced. Colombians are VERY friendly, LOVE to party and dance, know how to have a great time!

On working for Chimu Adventures, I wanted to work for a company that was a specialist in the destination. I’d heard it was a great company to work for and was growing, really fast. I spend my working week not merely in a job, but being a part of something special - working with travel agents to inspire them and their clients into planning their dream itinerary which may turn into a life-changing adventure!

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