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Alison Bourne

“I was always big on adventure and exploring but it never occurred to me how amazing it is to explore other countries as well”

Growing up, my family weren’t big on travelling overseas so I had only ever been around Australia. I never actually considered travelling until my cousin got married in Italy. Out of the blue, I decided to spend five weeks travelling around Europe after the wedding. It was the best time of my life. After finding myself eating pizza on the pristine Amalfi Coast of Italy and catching ferries through the Greek Islands, I realised I had caught the travel bug.

Since Europe, I have spent time relaxing in the South Pacific Islands of New Caledonia and catching cable cars in New Zealand. New Zealand is beautiful and it’s definitely somewhere I want to explore more of. I had heard how bad the weather can be in December, but fortunately for me it was blue skies and sun everyday, getting up to 30 degrees (which apparently is rare in NZ)! It was so hot we went white water rafting through Napier which was just the highlight of a great trip for me.

South America has always been on my wish list. Mainly the Galapagos and Patagonia for its wildlife. Working at Chimu has opened my eyes to how you can visit the polar regions – my favourite animal is a polar bear after all. After a little bit of research, I can definitely see myself exploring the Arctic or seeing some penguins as well in Antarctica!

For me the thrill of travelling is in the unexpected. What will you see? What will you do? The opportunities are endless!