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Frances Armitage

“Entering Parque Nacional Iguazu for the first time felt like stepping into Jurassic Park – I half expected a dinosaur to crash around a corner. Nothing will prepare you for the magnificence of Iguazu Falls; it remains one of the best days of my life”

Growing up in rural England, I always had a desire to see more of the world. A faded poster of Iguazu Falls above my desk as a teenager sparked an interest in South America and I knew that one day I would have to visit. 10 years later, and after a stint of backpacking through Asia and Australia, this dream was realised when an Argentinean friend invited me to join her on a trip back home.

We touched down in Buenos Aires in the middle of a thunderstorm and immediately I could feel the energy of the place.  Wandering the streets of San Telmo and onto the football area of La Boca there was an edge in the air that I hadn’t experienced anywhere else. Out of all my travels, never had I felt so far from home. Despite BA being described as the ‘Paris of the South,’ I felt I had stepped well and truly out of my comfort zone – in the best possible way. Oh, and the steak and Malbec was pretty special too!


Travelling from the buzz of Buenos Aires then to the azure lakes, mountains and vineyards of Mendoza before heading to the tropical steaminess of Iguazu in a whirlwind two weeks gave me but a mere taste of Argentina. The ultimate highlight for me was seeing Iguazu Falls for the first time – the overwhelming sound of the water cascading down the rock face, mist rising from the lush jungle surrounding and the hint a rainbow casting its way across. My first trip to South America but definitely not my last!