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Matt Sourdin

"We were sitting in the zodiac in complete silence in Wilhelmina Bay, surrounded by roughly 10 – 15 logging humpback whales. I remember feeling like I was about to burst into tears of happiness. I just couldn’t comprehend what a beautiful and remarkable time this was to be alive. To feel completely at one with nature”

I have travelled and lived extensively in Latin America and Antarctica: Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia and Cuba. I travelled independently with friends via boat, bus, coach, train, plane, foot, donkey and loads of other ways! Travelling is pretty much all I can think about.

My funniest moment travelling was in the Pantanal, Brasil. It was around 11pm, quite a few beers deep and the host of the camp site recommended we go Caiman spotting. Armed with only a torch and Dutch courage, I found myself in the pitch dark at the edge of a lake and was apparently surrounded by the Caiman – what better time for the host to do a runner into the night and leave me stranded! In hindsight, I can see the humour...

I gave up my life to travel for nearly 3 years straight and I'll never regret it! So get out there and remember to pack an open mind, a free spirit, and plenty of room for adventure!