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Sandra Kormann

"You can have the most unbelievable experience in South America by just leaving your hotel room and wander around among the locals. You have the feeling to live your life the fullest and behind every corner a new adventure awaits for you so….go, explore and live for the moment!"


Through my first time in South America, I found myself traveling for 3 days on a cargo ship among curious locals and hundreds of quacking hen up the Amazon River to arrive in Iquitos, sleeping only in hammocks and showering with the brown Amazonian water (luckily the smell kept the mosquitos away). This was one of the most authentic experiences I ever had and I would not miss it for the world.

It is hard to pick a favorite country but Brazil definitely stood out. You can find such a vibrant mix of people there who give you a new definition of what is important in life. People who might have less material things than yourself might be so much happier than you and seem in peace with themselves. Brazil has so many hidden waterfalls, the most amazing beaches, delicious food and a vibrant culture. When you are in Brazil, try Açai, it is exotic berry from the Amazon and you can buy it in form of a purple juice-shake which is delicious and healthy at the same time. I can also recommend Paçoquinha for the ones with a sweet tooth, which tastes slightly like the inside of a peanut butter cup just better!

Thanks to Chimu I was able to travel to the white continent and it was mind-blowing. The enormity of its ice-shelves and mountain ranges is almost beyond belief and parallel to no other place on earth I have ever seen. It felt so untouched by human nature which made it a true wonderland. Wildlife was above and below and I never thought I would get such a close encounter with king penguins and elephant seals. It was unreal standing between the biggest King penguin colony on earth, seeing them interact with each other and weren’t bothered by us at all!

I can honestly say that travelling through South America spoilt me. Once I saw the tremendous glaciers and stunning scenery of Patagonia, visited the huge geysers in Northern Chile, danced samba with the locals at the carnival in Rio or seeing the largest salt flat on earth in Bolivia, I found myself comparing those amazing experiences and unique moments with other continents.

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