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Tenille Hunt

I don’t regret taking a risk, quitting my job, getting a one-way ticket and going on that plane by myself for 4 months, only with a backpack and not a worry in the world!!! I had the time of my life and in the end I changed my flight 3 times to Spain so I could keep staying in Buenos Aires. And I don’t regret it! I had a love affair with that city, it blew me away…. Still does.

I have been lucky enough to travel to all 7 continents yet there is nowhere else in the world that quite gives me the feeling and excitement that I get each time I step foot on Latin America. The people, cultures, colours, sounds and sites of Latin America are like nowhere else I have experienced on Earth.

My favourite destination in Latin America…. It’s a hard one… I would say Cuba and I am so glad that I had the experience to see it, staying in homestays with the locals was a highlight. My favourite city Is Buenos Aires – so full of life, passion and culture, its right up my ally!

When I went to Antarctica I was not sure what to expect. As like most people I travel because I love culture and people, but there is no one in Antarctica, no people no culture. Just you, the glaciers and the penguins. It really is like nowhere else on earth and you just feel so little. There is nothing as pretty as a sunrise or sunset in Antarctica! I was lucky enough to have this once in a lifetime experience!

I love Latin America (and I really really love Empanadas, all types of Empanadas. Yummm) and I love working for Latin America and Antarctica Specialists – we really are specialists and the best in the field as we have all lived / travelled there and dealing with the destination day in day out.

Tenille Hunt
VIC & WA (Australia)