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The Endurance


The Endurance is a next generation of expedition ships purpose-built for polar navigation. Holding just 126 passengers, this vessel offers an intimate experience as you cruise through some of the most pristine locations in the world. Offering 60 outward-facing cabins offers modern aesthetic and luxury. With two on board restaurants, observation lounge, gym, wellness area, infinity-style outdoor tubs, library, main lounge with full service bar, there are plenty of amenities to keep guests occupied for incredible days at sea. 

The Endurance comes unique with a technologically advanced X-Bow, designed with powerful wave-slicing action to provide smooth cruising in even the most adverse conditions. This modern and elegant vessel provides a superior sense of adventure, as you dare to challenge some of the most remote places in the world.


Length: 123.4m

Breadth: 21m

Draught: 5.3m

Speed: 16.5 Knots

Passengers: 126

Ship Region:Antarctica

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