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Expedition Antarctica -16 Day

16 Days FROM USD 24,245


Take a luxury voyage to the farthest reaches of the world as you depart on a 16 day cruise to the legendary White Continent. Discover the endless beauty of this rugged landscape as you cruise through ice-clad vistas teeming with magnificent crystal glaciers and snow-capped peaks. Immerse yourself in this precious ecosystem and observe the wildlife of the polar terrain including penguin colonies, seals and whales. This voyage perfectly encapsulates the blend of luxury and the mystifying beauty of this frozen wilderness. 

Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACCCEA16

Location: Antarctic Peninsula

Ship: Crystal Endeavor


Ushuaia lies on the triangular-shaped island of Tierra del Fuego. While Ferdinand Magellan was exploring the straits between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 1520, he was amazed by the smoke and fires which seemed to appear at every turn. These fires, kept continuously alight by the Yaghan and Ona Indians, became the inspiration for the name 'Tierra del Fuego,' Land of Fire.

The Worlds Southernmost Town

You will spend the day cruising the South Atlantic waters. Take the day to familiarise yourself with the crew and fellow passengers who are taking part on this extraordinary journey with you.

Cruising The South Atlantic

In the morning you will head for West Pont Island. West Point Island is located off the north-west tip of West Falkland and is home to black-browed albatross amongst other birds. The terrain is varied, consisting of dramatic sandstone cliffs, falling away to low lying areas of emerald greens. The highest point, Cliff Mountain is 381m (1,211 feet), the highest cliff in the Falklands.

In the afternoon you will head for Saunders Island. Saunders Island is one of the largest islands in the Falklands, spanning a considerable 20 by 20 km. An abundance of wildlife live on the island including large black-browed albatross, rockhopper penguins, king penguins and other birds including Falkland thrushes.

West Point Island & Saunders Island

Port Stanley is the Falkland Islands’ capital and largest town. A quaint hillside village overlooking the harbor, Port Stanley is tiny by European standards with its population of 2,121. Yet with its radio station, newspaper, and hospital, it’s a large city compared to the rest of the islands. Among the flora and fauna are penguins and seals, albatrosses and sea lions, and — unlike the other islands in the archipelago — many people as well.

Port Stanley

Another day of cruising will allow you to reflect on the adventure so far with your fellow travellers. Take this time to relax and prepare yourself for the incredible upcoming days that remain.

Cruising the South Atlantic

Sail along the southernmost tip of the Atlantic Ocean. Use the next two days to relax and enjoy the beautiful serenity of where you are. Enjoy the vessel and all the amenities there are to offer in this latter half of your journey.

Cruising the Weddell Sea - Day 7 & 8

Boasting extraordinary scenery and wildlife, this archipelago is about 75 miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula, separated by the Bransfield Strait. Notable islands here include King George Island, home to international research stations; Elephant Island, renowned as the spot where 22 crew from Shackleton’s “Endurance” were stranded; and Deception Island, the flooded caldera of a submerged volcano, once a base for sealers and whalers. Adélie, chinstrap, gentoo and macaroni penguins breed here.

South Shetland Islands

Extending from the northern-most reaches of the Antarctic mainland, this 800-mile-long mountain range of ice and islands jutting into the Weddell Sea on approach to the Drake Passage, is the Antarctica of dreams. The most accessible part of the Great White Continent, here is where iconic tabular icebergs provide mesmerizing vistas, and where seals, seabirds, and chinstrap and Gentoo penguins make their home. Zodiac adventures and landings reveal the wonder of this pristine and captivating region.

Antarctic Peninsula - Day 10 - 13

You will spend the last days at sea, through the legendary waters of the Drake passage that is named after famous English seafarer, Sir Frances Drake. If conditions allow, enjoy the ample outer deck space to look for dolphins, whales and orcas as well as seabirds including the mighty Albatross following the ship.

Crossing The Drake Passage - Day 14 & 15

You will arrive once again at Ushuaia in the morning where you will disembark. Say farewell to your fellow travellers and leave your travels behind with inspiration for many more journeys to come!

Disembarkation in Ushuaia

Pricing & date

Expedition Antarctica -16 Day from USD 24,245
Departing Ending Duration
21 Dec 2021 05 Jan 2022 16

Important Information

  • All meals whilst on-board including snacks
    All shore excursions
    Unlimited selection of wine, champagne, spirits and beers
    Complimentary 24-hour Wi-Fi access
    All gratuities on-board 


    Optional activities whilst on-board
    Airfares to and from embarkation and disembarkation city 
    Travel insurance

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available upon request

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Chimu Adventures is passionate and dedicated to sustainbility measures and understands the crucial part sustainability plays within the tourism industry.

A trip to the Antarctic is a completely different experience and quite unlike any other trip you have probably been on. We use a highly regulated, licensed vessel which is well equipped to operate in this vulnerable ecosystem. We are fully compliant with all rules set down by the IAATO and all activities are governed by the Antarctic Treaty System. We carefully select all ships we work with and choose them for their small size as this creates far less impact on shore landings with wildlife. We view the voyage to the Antarctic as an expedition, not a sightseeing trip. Smaller boats such as ours can navigate narrow waterways and are far less polluting than the larger ships in Antarctic waters. By carrying less passengers, we have far less waste, and all waste is carried back to the home port to allow for environmentally conscious waste management and disposal, unlike some of the larger ships which do not facilitate this. This trip begins in Ushuaia where you will have time to sample local food and shop at local boutiques which we encourage individuals to take part in for experience and in support of the local community. We discourage the buying of souvenirs made from endangered species or wrongfully taken from the environment i.e. shells. Our pre-departure pack provides you with all the information required for your tour, from what to take with you to practical advice about how to minimise your impact on the Antarctic environment. This pack highlights initiatives such as waste reduction, and how to appropriately engage with wildlife and the environment around you.

For more information visit our sustainability page.