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The Russian Arctic: Between Wrangel and Chukotka

12 Days FROM USD 10,650


Discover the unforgettable and rugged beauty of the Russian High Arctic on this incredible 13 day expedition. Cruising between Alaska and Russia you will have the unique opportunity to sail the Bering Strait, discovering incredible landscapes combing tundra and taiga landscapes. Listed with UNESCO as a world heritage site, Wrangel Island Reserve is a unique ecosystem where the greatest Arctic biodiversity can be found; walrus, Arctic seabirds and the polar bear call this landscape home. 

You will also cruise along Chukotka located between the Chukchi Sea and Bering Strait. One of the most remote and hardly explored places on Earth, Chukotka is home to incredible display of tundra landscape, which evokes a myriad of colours during the Arctic summertime. The region is also home to the local populace of Chukchi, a previously nomadic people, now live a sedentary lifestyle and continue to live mainly of fishing and hunting. If you are lucky we may visit one of the remote Chukchi settlements so that you can interact and learn from these people first hand.

Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACPORC

Travel Style: Small Ship Expedition Cruise

Location: Russian Arctic


Flights: Return charter flights Seattle to Nome and Nome to Alaska included in cruise package. Please contact us for more details.


Please note your cruise package includes a charter flight from Seattle to Nome, Alaska. The approximate flight duration is 5 hours. We highly recommend you arrive in Seattle the day before this flight.

Located along the Bering Strait at the westernmost point of Alaska, Nome offers the rustic charm of a former gold-mining town, set in the middle of magnificent wilderness. As you weave in and out of the brightly coloured houses, you will discover the pioneering legacy that still marks local traditions. Fishing, reindeer rearing, sledge-racing... People here live from their manual labour. The surrounding plains provide stunning vantage points for observing Arctic fauna.

Embarkation is scheduled between 4-5pm.

Fly Seattle to Nome

Your itinerary enables you to cross the International Date Line. This imaginary line across the Earth’s surface approximately follows the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the roundness of the Earth and the necessity of having reference time meridians, we have to change dates when we cross this line. So if your ship is travelling west, you will need to add a day to the expected date; conversely, if travelling east, you will take away a day. This paradox, already noted by Magellan’s crews during his circumnavigation, serves as dramatic motivation in several novels, including Jules Verne’s famous Around the World in Eighty Days.

Crossing the International Date Line

Across the Bering Strait from Alaska, which it almost touches and can be glimpsed when the weather is fine, the town of Provideniya seems to keep a watchful eye over ships heading for the East Siberian Sea. Nestled against mountains with peaks of up to 2,000 m, Provideniya is the gateway to the Chukotka Peninsula, a polar region as yet unknown to the general public, with striking landscapes and a primitive beauty like no other.


Located between the glacial Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, on the eastern point of Russia, Chukotka is one of the world’s most isolated regions. Made up of vast plains of tundra, which take on magnificent colours in summer, the region is the kingdom of the Chukchi, a nomad people that has now settled. Present on these lands for millennia, they are one of Eastern Siberia’s oldest communities and still live from hunting and fishing today.


The northern coast of Chukotka shelters a small inhabited island going by the name of Kolyuchin. During your visit to these parts, you will be able to observe, on the western edge, a former Russian scientific research station, now abandoned. Not far from these buildings rise one of the most spectacular bird cliffs in the Arctic: puffins, gulls, guillemots, cormorants, geese, sandpipers, loons and sandhill cranes all rub feathers here. Walruses, grey whales and polar bears are also part of the décor, as if they wanted to fully complete this typically Arctic tableau in which the tundra, which covers the entire island, welcomes a vast plain dotted with shallow lakes.

Kolyuchin Island

Imagine a natural island that is mostly mountainous and, for the rest of its landscapes, alternates between vast tundra plains and areas of great lakes, lagoons and cliffs. Welcome to Wrangel, the most important hotspot of Arctic biodiversity. Situated between the East Siberian Sea and the Chukchi Sea, the island was named after the Russian explorer Ferdinand von Wrangel. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island is a rare, precious and very ancient ecosystem with unique vegetation, as well as an exceptional fauna: it is home to the majestic polar bear and the vast majority of the Russian Arctic’s walrus population. The island also holds traces of the last mammoths and is home to several endemic species.

Wrangel Island Reserve - Day 6 to 8

The following day will be spent at sea on a return journey toward the Chukotka region.

At Sea

The following day will be spent exploring the Chukotka region. The dynamic nature of the expedition experience is entirely dependant on the weather and sea conditions. Your team of expert guides will determine the best landing sites for the day.

Chukotka Exploration

The following day will be spent at sea as you return to Nome.

At Sea

Your grand voyage will come to close as you disembark in Nome in the early morning. Take this final time to bid farewell to your fellow passengers and crew, reflecting on the incredible memories you have made together.

Your cruise package includes a return charter flight from Nome to Seattle. The flight duration is approximately 5 hours. We highly recommend you spend the night in Seattle after this flight.

Disembark in Nome and Fly to Seattle

Pricing per person & dates

The Russian Arctic: Between Wrangel and Chukotka from USD 10,650
Departing Ending Duration
20 Sep 2022 01 Oct 2022 12

Important Information

  • Cabin accommodation on board vessel
    All meals whilst on board
    Charter flight Seattle/Nome + Transfer + Flight Nome/Seattle
    Guiding and lectures by experienced expedition crew
    All scheduled landings and excursions by zodiac
    Landing fees
    Pre and post cruise and ferry transfers


    Accommodation in Seattle
    International Flights
    All items of a personal nature
    Customary gratuities for staff/crew
    Any pre or post cruise travel extensions
    Travel insurance

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available on request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Please note this itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather, ice and sea conditions.

  • Departure date, seasonality and availability.



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