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National Geographic Islander


Ideal for exploring the Galapagos up close, the National Geographic Islander is a nimble and modern cruise ship. Originally built for service in the Caribbean, the Islander has also undertake expeditions in the Scottish Highlands before sailing year-round in the Galapagos since 2004. Accommodating just 48 guests in 24 cabins, life aboard the Islander offers a quaint and intimate community atmosphere. Guests will find large lounge areas, open decks and dining areas to accommodate all passengers, offering a deep sense of comfort and a social atmosphere.  

The National Geographic Islander is outfitted with tools for exploration, enabling a deep connection with the pure and pristine natural wilderness of the Galapagos. Four on board zodiacs are used for island landings, kayaks fit for singles and doubles will be used for intimate explorations, snorkelling gear & wet suits will allow guests to access the underwater world and an underwater specialist will take incredible footage to develop your understanding and appreciation of the marine environment.  The vessel also operates an open bridge policy, allowing guests to interact with the Captain and officers, allowing you to share stories and enthusiasm for the adventures to come. 



Length: 164 ft

Breadth: 30 ft

Speed: 6 Knots

Passengers: 48

Zodiac & RIBs: 4

Electrical Outlets: 110V / 220 V

Ship Region:Galapagos

ITINERARIES ABOARD THE National Geographic Islander

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