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Small Ship Cruising



Small Ship Cruising is continually increasing in popularity among Australian travellers as a unique and immersive way to see the world. Here you can find some of our favourite experiences in Latin America, Antarctica and the Arctic. Create your clients own unique journey buy combining with some of our most popular Tailor-Made Journeys for the ultimate adventure.

As part of our Small Ship Cruising campaign in October-November we have the following offers available in Antarctica, the Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Amazon and Patagonia.


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Expedition Cruising is not your typical ‘amusement park on water’ style of travel. On all of our chosen cruises extra shore time is encouraged, whilst using the convenience of the ship to transport you and put you up for the night. You won’t get trapped on board, literally watching the world go by - you will get up close and personal to that world.

Whether on an expedition to Antarctica visiting the icy mainland in your zodiacs each day, in South America cruising the Amazon on an eight berth cruiser (equipped with personal spa and crew) or visiting private islands off the coast of Brazil, you’re spoilt for experience choices. You could also be photographing the enigmatic wildlife of the Galapagos or heading further south to cruise through Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords en-route to the ‘end of the world’ in Ushuaia.

No bus terminals, no different hotel room every night, simply board the ship, unpack your bags and wake up every day with something new to explore. Whatever your choice, water is definitely a great way to get around!



MORE INTIMACYWith fewer people on board a ship, the intimacy of the trip is greater and so your chance to explore. You can sail into much smaller harbours, explore narrower channels and reach remote regions no large liner could ever get to. This is primarily what offers guests a more in-depth and immersive experience, no matter where they go.

MORE EXPERIENCES Small ship cruising has the priceless benefit of allowing you more time ashore, as disembarking is made easier with fewer guests to carry back and forth. In places like Antarctica and Patagonia, the weather plays a huge role in how much time you spend on land – it figures that facilitating your movements on and off the ship is ideal. And in fervently protected reserves like the Galapagos Islands, some landing sites limit the number of people allowed, on land, at any given time: this is where you’ll really want to choose the smallest ship your budget will allow.

MORE PERSONAL SPACE - Overcrowding isn’t just something you’ll dodge on-land when you choose to explore with smaller ship: there’ll no queues with which to contend at dinnertime, fewer people with whom to share the library, gym or spa (AND kayak use); you’ll generally enjoy a much more relaxing experience in a far less-crowded ship. Small ships offer gorgeous quiet nooks you can retreat to with a good book and glass of wine – your chances of finding anything like this on a megaliner, outside of your own cabin, are practically nil.


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21 Days

The Ocean Endeavour - Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Explorer

Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, South Georgia

Ship: Ocean Endeavour

5 Days

Stella Australis: Patagonian Explorer

Chile, Patagonia, Argentina


5 Days

Ventus Australis: Patagonian Explorer

Argentina, Patagonia, Chile


4 Days

M/C Galapagos Seaman 4 Day Cruise

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ship:Galapagos Seaman Journey

5 Days


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ship:Sea Star Journey

10 Days

Circumnavigating Svalbard - In the Realm of the Polar Bear

Arctic, Spitsbergen


9 Days

Stella Australis: Darwin's Route from Punta Arenas



19 Days

The Northwest Passage - In the Wake of Great Explorers

Canadian Arctic, Greenland


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