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Antarctica Voyages exclusive to Chimu Adventures

Sending travellers on trips-of-a-lifetime is one thing, but designing exclusive voyages to the great white continent is something we are hook, line and sinker in love with.  These voyages offer travellers a mix of opportunities from travelling with formidable personalities, to having exclusive access to remote locations, every journey has a flavour of its own.  A lot of our exclusive voyages also raise funds for charity through the profits from berth sales. From voyages past and present we have, and are, raising funds for various causes such as, cancer research, tree planting and environmental conservation, historic conservation and also the education of less fortunate individuals, Chimu Adventures dedicates a massive amount of time and effort to make these journeys a memorable trip, not only for those who visit Antarctica but for those not travelling but still benefiting from these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Its the ultimate pass it on opportunity.