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Experience the magical and extraordinary event of a total solar eclipse in a place like no other. Journey with us to view this mystical event from South Orkney Island if weather permits, or at sea, on a true adventurers voyage. View the abundance of wildlife that South Georgia has to offer as our primary site and a place of natural beauty. This particular time of year brings Elephant Seal Bulls fighting it out for their harmes in a spectacular demonstration of natural behaviour. Large groups of King Penguins are present during their 14 month breeding cycle, and will demonstrate the admirable resilience and fellowship of its kind and animals alike. A bounty of sea birds can also be spotted during their first accounts of nestling, such as the Black-Browed Albatross, Grey-Headed and Light-Mantled Sooty Albatross. You can see the beginning of life in the wild, as Wandering Albatross baby chicks await their parents to feed them in their mud and vegetation made nests. They are easily viewed due to their breeding behaviour of locating nests on an exposed ridge near the sea.
Accompanied with this phenomenal array of wildlife, is the pristine and pure physical environment that these animals live in. Enchanting and alluring glaciers and mountain ranges, with astonishing views and encapsulating valleys of melting ice awaits you. Unbelievable opportunities for exceptional photography and keepsake memories will be made on such an amazing trip, centered around such a spectacular occurrence. Register your interest now!