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Sustainable Tourism

At Chimu Adventures we try to encourage sustainable touring from all our customers. Remember that in a lot of the places you visit, the infrastructure may not be the same as you are used to in your home country and accordingly locals generally use lower levels of water and electricity. As tourism increases, it places a large strain on the local water reticulation, power supply and other resources. Take short showers in your hotel, turn out the lights when you leave your hotel room, minimize your waste generally and if on a trek, make sure you bag your rubbish while you are hiking. Also remember all ecosystems in Latin America such as the Andes, the Amazon, Patagonia and the Pantanal are extremely delicate. When in these rural areas please stay on the trails and don’t damage or take any plants or flowers.
Latin American people are proud of their culture and ancestry. Although they are now accustomed to international tourists, each area continues to maintain their identity and culture. Generally most Latin Americans dress conservatively (although Brazilians are exempt from this generalisation!).
Consider wearing trousers and long leave shirts to minimise any potential offence. 
Chimu Adventures employs local guides and uses hotels that employ people from the local community. Please be aware that our tour guides are always on hand to help our clients and are very knowledgeable. However, everything they explain should be taken with a grain of salt as local teaching methods may differ from those you’re used to. We also ensure that the majority of the food supplied on our tours is locally sourced. We do this to maximize economic benefit to the community and to ensure we minimize the carbon footprint of our tours (i.e. the food does not need to be transported long distances).