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Megan Parkinson, UK Manager

"My first experience of Latin America was the dazzling beaches of North East Brazil, where a studied as part of my University degree. Even at that young age, I was struck by the incredible vibrancy of the Brazil people, their fascinating culture and the country’s breathtaking beauty.  As I travelled round the continent, I soon realised that this wasn’t restricted to just Brazil, but that there was a whole continent of equal intrigue and beauty to be explored. Eleven years on and countless trips back to Latin America, I’m still utterly hooked to this captivating continent!"

I think travel is in my blood. My grandparents used to pack up their car and explore Europe back in the 1950’s when the majority of people in the UK didn’t even have a car and continued to travel the world throughout their lives, well into their 80s. My own childhood was very much the same, with my folks whisking me from adventure to adventure, where little English was spoken and comfort was minimal!

Today, I still have the same adventurous blood running through my veins and it has taken me to all corners of Latin America and all over the world. Latin America is my passion and I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry. What could be better than helping other people to have some of the incredible experiences I have been lucky enough to have!??

Over the years I have visited Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Guyana, Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua. Some highlights for me include Carnival in Olinda, Brazil, The incredible Torres del Paine national Park in Chile, The Inca Trail in Peru and many many more. I’m already planning my next adventure... next stop Antarctica!

Megan Parkinson, UK Manager

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