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Adventure Canada Arctic Information

Your Polar Adventure Awaits!

Congratulations on booking your expedition to the Arctic

Information for passengers travelling on board the Ocean Endeavour.

We are thrilled you will be travelling on this incredible adventure to the White Continent. Here you will find additional details that we require from you, information to help you plan for your trip as well as some ideas on other destinations you might like to visit in South America either before or after your Antarctica cruise. At any time if you wish to discuss the details or your cruise or additional travel arrangements including flights, insurance, pre and post tour travel arrangements please contact your booking agent.



Embarkation and Disembarkation

Arctic voyages on the Ocean Endeavour embark and disembark in a number of different cities. Please refer to your Confirmed Itinerary or contact your booking agent for information regarding the best arrival and departure flights to book in conjunction with your cruise. Please be aware that we will not be held responsible for the late arrival of the ship from your voyage.

Fuel Surcharges

Please note that your cruise booking may be subject to fuel surcharges should world oil prices increase significantly prior to the time of your departure. Cruise operators do attempt to factor this price into your tour cost. However, unexpected rises in the cost of marine fuel can result in a fuel surcharge that will depend on the cost of oil per barrel and the individual ship operator. By booking a tour with us, you agree that this may be the case with your booking. You will be advised of any surcharge once we have been notified of the surcharges from the cruise operator if this situation arises.

International Flights to meet your cruise

International flights to join your Arctic cruise will be available for booking approximately 11 months prior to tour departure date. Please contact your booking agent to discuss flight options available for your travel arrangements.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all travellers and policy details must be provided prior to your final documentation being issued. We strongly recommend you obtain a policy for the level of cover at the time of booking you are comfortable with ensuring it meets our minimum guidelines. For more information on Travel Insurance please refer to the Arctic Travellers Guide below or contact your booking agent.

Terms and Conditions

By making the booking, he or she has read and has agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please click here to view.


International Maritime Regulations require that we create a manifest for each expedition. To fulfill our obligation certain information is required. Below are a few forms that will need to be completed. Forms must be returned NO MORE THAN 100 days prior to departure.


✔ Complete Passenger Personal Information Form-  Please CLICK HERE to download your personal information form to fill out and send to your booking agent no later than 100 days prior to your voyage departure date. 

✔ Complete Passenger Registration Form - this will be emailed to you by your booking agent to be completed online. This must be completed no later than 100 days prior to your voyage departure date. Included in these forms you will need to provide your size Expedition Parka, see below for more details.



On Ocean Endeavour trips, Adventure Canada will provide you with a 100%-waterproof insulated expedition jacket. You must provide your own GoreTex (or similar) waterproof pants. This gear, worn over your insulating layers, will ensure that you stay safe and comfortable while on the expedition.

Expedition Jacket

Your Zodiac driver is responsible for your safety as well as that of the others in the boat, and has the authority to refuse disembarkation should you be dressed inappropriately for the weather conditions—as this can put you and your fellow travellers at risk. Wet gear is absolutely essential for any Zodiac transfer, and for most shore excursions.

Adventure Canada will provide you with a packing list prior to your expedition.



We have some additional resources to help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Antarctica, as well as some excellent itinerary ideas to explore South America pre or post your cruise.



The Ocean Endeavour

With her ice-strengthenedhull and advanced navigation equipment, the recently renovated Ocean Endeavour is ideally suited for expedition cruising to Antarctica. This small, well-appointed expedition ship allows you to explore the world’s most remote regions whilst enjoying the class and comfort of a

Travellers Guide
The Arctic

Check out our Arctic Travellers Guide to help you prepare for your Arctic adventure. Includes information about joining cities, what to pack and more.

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