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Kieron Tebbutt

“Its hard not to be awe-struck by the raw beauty of the Antarctic Region. Recently I had the privilege to do a Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica Cruise. Some memories that will always stay with me are firstly, doing the polar plunge at Neko Harbour. Standing on the marine deck looking out at the magnificent glacier towering mountain peak beyond it then jumping into the icy ocean while the rest of the passengers cheered on. Secondly, getting to land at Gold Harbour in South Georgia. Being surrounded by tens of thousands of King Penguins as they jostle for space with harems of Elephant Seals and giant petrels soaring above. These are memories that will stick with me for a lifetime. Every day is an amazing new memory when travelling in the Antarctic region and it keeps you wanting to come back for more.”

I started working for Chimu Adventures in 2012 as a Destination Specialist and moved to the Reservations Manager role in 2017. My love for Latin America first drew me to the role. In 2005 I spent 6 months travelling mainly overland from the US/Mexico border to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I loved every day of that trip, the variety of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, delicious food, unique experiences, and friendly people was infectious. I have been lucky enough to go back many times since then to explore different parts and its always amazing. 

Its hard to pick a favourite destination or country. Peru’s attractions, culture and food are famous, and they do not disappoint. I believe Ecuador is the most under-rated country in Latin America. The diverse landscapes and wildlife that can be found from the colonial capital in the Andes to the Amazon and then Galapagos Islands are unforgettable. If I had to settle on one though, Antarctica is it. It changes you; I have heard many clients say the same thing when they return. I have not been to anywhere like it before and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Kieron Tebbutt
QLD (Australia)

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