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Kenny Steen

“Many people, including myself, thought I was nuts when I left everything in Scotland and moved to Peru with nothing but a suitcase and a girlfriend waiting for me when I got there.”

I now live in Lima and have never regretted getting on that plane, even though it did take me 40+ hours to fly from Glasgow! Even taking into consideration all the places I want to visit (an extensive list) Peru is my favourite country in Latin America. I love it more than enough to call it my home. The people in particular are fantastic, they’re extremely nice, friendly and accommodating, but they just can’t drive to save themselves!

Since moving here I’ve been exploring Latin America one bit at a time and still have a long wish list. My advice for those travelling here is to take time to visit the places that not everyone gets to see. The popular destinations are great, but there are some real gems to be discovered if you have the time to seek them out.

Of course with Chimu’s flexibility we can make this possible, making sure you are able to explore the roads less travelled as well as the must see destinations. But our flexibility doesn’t stop with the itineraries. Having offices and flexible working hours on three different continents means there will always be someone on hand to help you out regardless of time zones, which in my opinion is unbeatable!

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