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Galapagos 5 Day Cruise | M/Y Galaxy

5 Days
From USD 3,010

STYLE: Small Ship Cruise

Trip Code: ECGA5DA

DIFFICULTY RATING: 2 (light adventure)

SHIP: Galaxy Yacht


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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Many theories exist regarding the unique nature of the flora and fauna on the Galapagos Islands. A popularly held belief is that the original species that evolved into the unique Galapagos variety found their way to the islands on flotation rafts of vegetation that were carried to the island via wind and sea currents… Join us on this amazing 5 day itinerary and discover the many secrets of the Galapagos Islands.


San Cristobal and Lobos Island

Take a morning flight from Quito or Guayaquil to San Cristobal Island. Our representative will be waiting for you at the airport who will transfer you to your vessel. On board you will have a welcome drink and lunch.

In the afternoon you will head for Lobos Island. Here you can undertake a number of activities including a panga ride, swimming and snorkelling. The island also has unique wildlife including frigate birds, marine iguanas, lava lizards and the small endemic Galapagos snake.

Gardner Bay and Suarez Point

In the morning you will have a wet landing at Gardner bay. Here you will undertake activities including snorkelling, swimming and short walks through the island. You will have the unique opportunity to observe a sea lion colony. The sea lion is one of the animals in Galapagos which gets the total attention of the visitors in the Galapagos: they are curious and playful, but at times may be aggressive. Many of the sea lions in Gardner Bay are often found on the beaches, soaking in the sun.

In the afternoon you will have a dry landing at Suarez Point. There is no colour more amazing and outstanding in this tropical desert island, than that of the blue-foot boobies. These birds have an impressive form of “greeting” and it is a real thrill to see their mating dance. The blue-footed booby can be seen on several of the islands as nesting grounds and feed are located in several coastal locations. The albatross, an aristocratic bird weighing up to four kilograms, can be observed here. One of the largest birds of the islands, approximately 12,000 couples nest on Espanola Island and a smaller number nest on Silver Island, near mainland Ecuador. This species is considered endemic to this island; during our walk, we will observe these fantastic birds while taking in the beautiful landscapes offered by this island.

*Please note: Albatross will not be seen between January and March (non-breeding season).

Post Office Bay and Cormorant Point

In the morning you will have a wet landing at Post office Bay. The bay is located on the north side of Floreana Island. Captain James Colnett installed an empty barrel to be used as a post office for the whaling fleets that stopped at the Galapagos Islands. A common tradition is to leave postcards to your friends or loved ones here, in the hope that other travellers, travelling to that location may deliver the mail for you or for you to do the same.

In the afternoon you will have a wet landing at Cormorant Point. his point is located at west of Floreana Island and it is famous for its dark green beach (due to the great quantity of olivine crystals).You can see many marine invertebrates, as well as sea lions, sea iguanas, the frigates and pelicans. Here you may also undertake some snorkelling or short trekking.

Santa Fe and South Plaza Islands

In the morning you will have a wet landing at Santa Fe. With 24 km2 and 60 m of height above sea level, this central island is a unique place to visit. It has an incredible bay of turquoise water, protected by a natural barrier of rocks. You will see colonies of seals as hawks fly overhead. This island is home to one of the two species of land iguanas found in the Galapagos. Their main food source is the leaves and fruit of the large, thick cactus found here. Whilst here you may undertake hiking, swimming and snorkelling. Following you will have lunch on board.

South Plazas are two small islands, created by an uplifting of the land. The land iguanas are smaller here; they nest during the warm season. The hike goes along an extraordinary cliff where sea birds nest. There are approximately 1000 sea lions (Zalophus Wollebaeki) located on the south side of the Plazas.

Charles Darwin Station and Departure

In the early morning you will have breakfast and prepare your luggage for the airport before a final departure to the Charles Darwin Research Station. Located in the main port on Santa Cruz Island; we will take a private bus to the entrance of the breeding center where we will see tortoises and land iguanas in captivity. This center is the main breeding site on the islands. Animals that were in danger of extinction on the various islands are maintained in captivity. Thanks to the dedicated work of several institutions, some species are being saved. Here lived Lonesome George, the famous last survivor of the giant tortoise species found on Pinta Island.

Following this visit you will be transferred to the airport for you onward flight.

*Please Note: This itinerary is subject to change without notice; due to seasonal changes, weather conditions or Galapagos National Park regulations.



  • Discover the unique wildlife of the Galapagos as each island offers different surprises, from colonies of sea lions to roaming tortoise, marine iguanas, rays, turtles and a vast array of bird and fish species. 

  • This 5 day itinerary is perfect for getting an overview of the Galapagos, allowing for opportunities to see varied wildlife and experience the vast uniqueness of this pristine place.

  • This itinerary is easily combined with other experiences of Ecuador or perhaps the greater South America, allowing you to see a multitude of amazing locations and cultures on the one incredible journey. 

Galaxy Yacht

Galaxy Yacht

Enjoy your journey to the Galapagos Islands on board our First class cruise: Galaxy Yacht. On this well-designed vessel, you can enjoy explorations and adventure in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Discover the Galapagos Islands in our special itineraries for 4, 5 or 8 until 15 days!

Galaxy has 9 beautiful and comfortable double cabins for 16 passengers; 3 cabins are located in the upper deck, 3 in the main deck and 3 in the lower deck. Each cabin has private facilities: private bathrooms, cold/hot water; air conditioned, hair dryer, telephone for internal communication on board, safe box, and high speaker. Galaxy Yacht offers a spacious sun deck with a fantastic area to enjoy Galapagos' landscapes, dinner area, lounge, bar and small library. Our activities on board: hiking, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and animal watching. We provide free snorkel gear (mask, tube and fins) and kayaks to complete your adventure in the island. This truly is an experience not to be missed. Cards and cash are accepted for on board spending money. 

Ice Class: Length: 35 m
Breadth: 7.60 mMax
Draft: Cruising
Electricity: 110V and 220V Passenger

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We believe that appropriate accommodation should add to the authentic travel experience, as well as providing utmost enjoyment. For that reason our accommodation is scrutinised by our staff on the ground frequently, ensuring the properties adhere to our high standards. This key will help you understand the levels of accommodation available on this tour.


Comfortable properties with dependable facilities and service.


Comfortable properties with dependable facilities and service.


Luxurious properties with impeccable facilities and service.

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Galapagos 5 Day Cruise | M/Y Galaxy from USD 3,010
Selected Tuesdays

Important Information


    Return flights from Quito or Guayaquil to the Galapagos
    • Transportation and fuel surcharge in the Marine reserve of Galapagos
    • Accommodation in single, double or triple cabin according to you booking
    • Bilingual naturalist guide (English-Spanish)
    • Personalized crew service
    • All meals during the cruise, from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day
    • One snack after each activity (except last day)
    • Welcome cocktail
    • Unlimited purified water, coffee and tea
    • All visits, excursions & activities according to the itinerary
    • Transportation Airport-Channel/ Channel-Airport (Lobitos Bus)
    • Docks use and ferries.
    • Snorkelling gear (Mask, tube, and fins)
    • Use of kayaks and paddle boards in authorized places
    • Wetsuits
    • Shampoo, hair conditioner, and soap for daily use
    • Beach towels
    • Hair dryer in the cabins 
    • Cloth/Towel dryer


    • International flights to/from Ecuador
    • Galapagos National Park entrance fee ($100 per person)
    • Transit Control Card ($20 per person)
    • Alcoholic and soft drinks
    • Tips and gratuities
    • Personal expenses
    • Travel insurance (Highly recommended)
    • Additional services not indicated

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available upon request at a 50% surcharge. Please contact us to check availability and for more information. 

  • There is local National Park payments you need to have cash for.

    • Galapagos National Park entrance fee ($100 per person)
    • Transit Control Card ($20 per person)

    Please Note park entrance fees may be subject to change without prior notice.

  • Exchange rate, season and availability at time of booking.