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Health Information

We recommend that you visit your doctor or a traveller’s medical centre for current information, but as a guide we recommend the following:
  • Ÿ Ÿ Yellow Fever – Especially for jungle areas
  • Ÿ Ÿ Hepatitis – Both A and B (twinrix)
  • Ÿ Ÿ Typhoid
  • Ÿ Ÿ Diphtheria
  • Ÿ Ÿ Cholera
  • Ÿ Ÿ Rabies
  • Ÿ Ÿ Tetanus
Some of these you may already have due to childhood immunizations – please check with your doctor. When travelling to jungle areas, please exercise caution and carry sufficient insect repellent and malaria protection, either medical or homeopathic remedies.
Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) – On reaching heights above 2000m, shortness of breath and heart pounding are a normal response to the lack of oxygen in the air. These symptoms can sometimes deteriorate into a condition known as altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness (AMS) with resulting headaches, loss of appetite, extreme tiredness, insomnia, dizziness and sometimes nausea. Symptoms usually develop within the first day or two at altitude but generally disappear after 48–72 hours at altitude. We highly recommend acclimatizing at altitude before taking strenuous treks or walks.
As a guide, Cusco is at 3,400m (11,200ft), and the highest point of the Inca trail is 4,200m (13,800ft) above sea level.
Please remember that altitude sickness effects everyone differently and usually has nothing to do with your general fitness level. If your conditions persist whilst on tour, consult with the tour guide who will be happy to help you and be able to give you some options in regards to the rest of your trip. If you are really worried about AMS and/or have a history with it then talk to your consultant about putting more rest days into your itinerary. Remember that the majority of our land tours are fully customisable!
Yellow Fever – is a viral illness that is spread by the bite of a mosquito. It is endemic in tropical and sub-tropical regions of Latin America, although cases of tourists contracting the disease are rare. All travellers to the jungle regions of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, the Guianas, Paraguay, Peru, Panama and Venezuela should make sure that they have the relevant up-to-date vaccination. It is also important to carry your vaccination certificate with you on your Latin American travels, as at some airports you may be asked for evidence of vaccination upon arrival or departure.
For some states of Brazil (generally in or around the Amazon rainforest), it is compulsory for all travellers to have a vaccination against Yellow Fever. It is also compulsory for all travellers to have a vaccination against Yellow Fever if entering Brazil through the following countries in South America:
  • Ÿ Ÿ Bolivia
  • Ÿ Ÿ Columbia
  • Ÿ Ÿ Ecuador
  • Ÿ Ÿ French Guiana
  • Ÿ Ÿ Guyana
  • Ÿ Ÿ Peru
  • Ÿ Ÿ Suriname
  • Ÿ Ÿ Venezuela
Similarly, travel to Central America from South America also requires all travellers to be vaccinated. If returning to your home country from Latin America you may require to be vaccinated against yellow fever.
Please consult your GP or a travel doctor for more information on vaccinations.
It is every client’s responsibility to have the necessary vaccinations for travel. Chimu Adventures will not be held responsible for travel delays or refused entry into countries due to customers not having the necessary vaccinations.
The following websites give further health advice and information on travelling to Latin America.


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