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Aaron Weeks

“Hola! When I was young, I would read about great hero’s who travelled, searching for remote worlds, lost treasure and eternal glory. When I finally grew bold enough to try for myself, I found none of these things. What I did find, were friends on every continent, photos that bring back a smile, and a bucket list with a lot of ticks next to them!

My first adventure, took me to the Middle East, stories of Petra, the pyramids, and ancient civilizations, took me into a dessert at the age of 18. I was a little naïve and green around the ears, but I discovered that this part of the world is full of strange and beautiful wonders. Interesting and different people, and a lot of sand. From that moment forward, I knew I would struggle to stay rooted in anyone spot for too long again.

Since then I have made a habit of picking new and wonderful places to travel, new things to experience, and new foods to try! At the moment, I find myself in the land of the lost Incan Empire, where spicy food, bitter drinks and salsa dancing mix.

Benavides a Peru!”


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